Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30 - Just a quick post

To our surprise this morning, both girls "graduated" to the Continuing Care Nursery. Both girls are doing great breathing on their own, with no assistance and are just eating through feeding tubes. They were both moved to this part of the hospital at midnight last night. Hannah is eating right now and is very alert, moving around, kicking her legs and watching our every move. Emma had her feeding at 8:00 and is sleeping. Looks like it is going to be another good day here.
Josh is going to go pick up Elizabeth after lunch, so that she can see her sisters and then we are going to go over to Target and do a registry there. We will try to update again later tonight :)


  1. Hope you are rady, because those girls are going to be busting out of that place before you know it!

    MDNIGHT??? Don't they know to teach these girls to sleep that time of night:>)

  2. Great to hear the good news! Glad you're continuing with the blog!


  3. OH WOW!! Happy Graduation Emma & Hannah!! This is soo exciting! These girls are gaining soo fast they will be running on the beach next week!! ; )) Can't wait to really see that !! anyway, so glad everything is going sooo well! Wishing Elizabeth a happy happy 4th BDay! Can't believe that either!! Have a great wkend! Loving the blogs & pics!! Love to you all, TT & BA