Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 25th Holding Hannah!!!

Yesterday Uncle Travis and Tim and Aunt Amanda and Lukie came down to visit us and the new nieces. Josh and I also asked them to be the godparents to the babies and of course they accepted! Tim and Amanda will be Emma's godparents and Travis and Lukie will be Hannah's godparents.

Elizabeth went home with them and Josh stayed another night with me. Tonight he is going to be home with Elizabeth and hopefully it will be my last night here!!. Tomorrow I'll be here for 6 weeks so it is time to go home. I miss my own bed.

Josh is taking the week off to help me get around and to be with the girls as much as possible.

Last night before going to bed Josh and I went up to the NICU and I was able to hold Hannah for the first time. She is so little and did well out of her glass house. Emma isn't ready to be held but she was moving all around setting her alarms off. She must have know Hannah was able to get out and be held.

Josh left earlier and went to get things ready for his sub this week. Before he left we went and say the babies. They are both stable and continuing on the nasal and cpap for breathing.

As for me I'm a little bit uncomfortable from time to time. It mostly seems when I'm up walking around I'm in the most pain. I was able to get my IV out this morning. Now I'm just laying low resting and pumping.


  1. So happy that things are progressing so well with the girls!! What a great feeling it must have been to be able to hold Hannah!! Sounds like Emma wanted to be in your arms as well!! Twin rivalry begins!! Ha-ha!! Have a wonderful day & enjoy sleeping in your own bed tomorrow night!! ;)


  2. Your bed will sure feel nice as will being home with Josh and Elizabeth. How nice to have the twins be godparents for the twins. Very appropriate. They can teach them about "twin life". How nice it will be when you can hold both of them.

    Steve and Diana