Sunday, November 29, 2009

Growing, Growing, Growing!

As you can see we are not as good about posting on the blog. The girls are now 7 months old and about 16 pounds each. Elizabeth has grown about 4 inches in two months! She still loves going to preschool and has made a lot of nice friends! We had two wonderful Thanksgiving dinners with family. On the 22nd we had a Thanksgiving with my Dad's side of the family and celebrated Christmas. We went up to Ellsworth for Thanksgiving. This year it was at camp hosted by Roger and Julie. Josh and I started shopping on Black Friday with all the crazy people! The babies and Elizabeth stayed with Nanny and Grampy.
Emma taking a bath.

Hannah taking a bath.

Elizabeth and some outside Christmas decorations.

All wrapped up!

Emma and Hannah in a Christmas outfit from Nanny and Grampy.

The girls with cousin Noah.

Emma Hannah & Elizabeth at camp for Thanksgiving!

Emma and Hannah

Emma taking a bath in Nanny and Grampy's new sink.

Hannah taking a bath in Nanny and Grampy's new sink.

Emma tasting some pumpkin.

Hannah tasting some pumpkin.

The girls helping Mommy bake some Thanksgiving treats!

The babies are 7 months old today!

Emma and Hannah

Elizabeth with her baby sisters.

Silly girls!

Daddy and Emma. What a mess!

The girls at the McFarland Thanksgiving/Christmas party.

Elizabeth excited for a new game!

The kids opening gifts.

Bowling! Elilzabeth's first time.

Meaghan holding the babies!

Isaac and Elizabeth bowling together!

Emma playing peek a boo with Elizabeth!

Sleepy Daddy rocking Emma and Hannah!

The girls in birth order!

Elizabeth and her little sisters!

The babies swinging on a warm afternoon!

Emma in her new bed!

Hannah in her new bed!

The new talent in their bumboo chairs.

A beautiful day in November! Elizabeth on the slide.

Hannah on the swing and Emma waiting for her turn.

Elizabeth and Hannah on the swings.

Emma waiting for her turn.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween in Ellsworth/Bar Harbor!

Elizabeth and her sisters getting ready for the stroll down Main Street in Ellsworth.

A tired Pooh before going trick or treating in Bar Harbor.

Josh with his nephew Noah and the Tinman in the background with Todo.

Elizabeth and cousin Noah getting ready to trick or treat!

The Wizard of Oz

Elizabeth with Grampy.

Elizabeth, Noah, and Uncle Tim

Our family! The farmer with his pumpkins, Pooh, and the Ladybug!

Elizabeth and Noah

Josh with Elizabeth and Noah.

More Wizard of Oz pics

The hosts of Trick or Drink!

The pumpkin farmer!

Pumpkin Carving 10/28

Babies trying to figure out what this big orange thing is.

Daddy helping Elizabeth with her pumpkin.

Emma exploring the pumpkin.

Elizabeth scooping all the guts out of the pumpkin. YUCKY!

Elizabeth's pumpkin face she picked out. Dadddy cut it out for her.

Hannah exploring the pumpkin.

Hannah wacking the pumpkin.
The Frost pumpkin!