Monday, October 26, 2009

6 Month Old/Preschool

Elizabeth started preschool this past week and the babies turned 6 months. I can't believe how fast the days, weeks, and months go. The babies are growing like weeds and are now both 14 pounds. They both are giggling and kicking there legs when on their bellies to try and crawl.

October 26th
The girls were tired this evening from all the playing outside in the leaves and fresh air.

Elizabeth sliding into the leaves!

The babies enjoying the fall leaves!

Elizabeth with her sisters in the leaves.

October 25th
Emma trying her first taste of carrots.

More carrots.

Hannah having her taste of carrots.

It looks like they like their first food!

October 24th

3 little pumpkins!

Mommy's little pumpkin and Daddy's little pumpkin shirts.

October 23rd
Elizabeth and the girls on their 6 month birth date.

6 month photo.

6 month picture. Going to drop Elizabeth off at preschool.

October 21st
Waiting for Mommy to come home and be surprised!

Celebrating with my girls a few days early.

Looking at the beautiful book I was given for my birthday.

October 20th
Leaving for preschool! She was so excited!

Elizabeth in her cubby with her name tag. She was just a little bit scared.

After preschool we celebrated her first day with a doughnut. It was her choice of course.

Showing off her pictures she painted at school.

Elizabeth and the babies on her first day of preschool.

October 19th
At the pumpkin patch at Harris Farm.

October 12th
Over looking Bar Harbor.

Trying to get a picture with the girls and cousin Noah.

Tigger and two little pumpkins!