Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Snow of the season!

We got our first measurable snow yesterday. Elizabeth was very excited to be in the snow this morning. Of course we couldn't remember where her snow pants and boots were last night. After some searching in totes this morning we found them!

Elizabeth with Daddy making snow angels!

Elizabeth loving being outside in the snow!

Elizabeth with Daddy last night in the snow.

Elizabeth checking on the decorations.

Mommy and Elizabeth helped the Penguin.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Tree is up!!!!

We decided to have some Christmas spirit and put our tree together. To bad the weather was 67 out today. Not exactly December weather. I think it was the calm before the big storm or long winter.

Both girls are sitting up on there own for several minutes. Of course we stay close by so they don't throw themselves back and crack their heads. Hannah is just about crawling. She is pulling herself forwards and kicking off with her legs. Now when she figures out how to get up on all fours we are in big trouble!

Emma and Hannah are wondering what is going on.

Elizabeth checks out the decorations.

Elizabeth decorating the tree!

Mommy and Elizabeth decorating.

Elizabeth putting up the Angel!

The girls under the tree!

The babies are checking out the tree behind them!