Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30 - Just a quick post

To our surprise this morning, both girls "graduated" to the Continuing Care Nursery. Both girls are doing great breathing on their own, with no assistance and are just eating through feeding tubes. They were both moved to this part of the hospital at midnight last night. Hannah is eating right now and is very alert, moving around, kicking her legs and watching our every move. Emma had her feeding at 8:00 and is sleeping. Looks like it is going to be another good day here.
Josh is going to go pick up Elizabeth after lunch, so that she can see her sisters and then we are going to go over to Target and do a registry there. We will try to update again later tonight :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29th Another sucessful day!

When we got to the NICU today both girls were still on room air. They had done well over night and did well during feedings.

At rounds today they increased their feedings and the doctor said they would be going over to the the continue care unit (also knows as CCU)soon. They are waiting for the other wing to open up.

After rounds with the girls, their nurse Margo brought us over to the unit to see what it was like. It is a very similar set up to the NICU. They also have twin rooms so hopefully we will be able to get one of them when we move over. They are about the same size rooms and have a couch which converts to a bed so we can stay overnight.

When we got back it was time for me to pump. After pumping Emma was changed and her temperature taken. Margo got her feeding ready and then Emma was able to do the Kangarooing with me while being feed through her tube. Kangarooing is when the baby is skin to skin with me. We put her under my shirt and covered her with blankets. She was very restful and relaxed as well as myself.

After Emma's feeding Josh changed Hannah and took her temperature. We did the same for Hannah with the Kangarooing as Emma. Hannah was very awake and alert. She was trying to nurse and then found her fingers to suck on. She was very cute!

After all their feedings and Kangarooing I pumped again. We then went to the Christmas tree Shop and Wal-Mart to pick up stuff for Elizabeth's Birthday. We were not there for Emma's 2pm feeding but did make it for Hannahs. I took her out of the incubator and we were able to attempt to breastfeed while she was feeding from the tube. She knew exactly what to do and did great latching on and doing some sucking. She eventually feel asleep and then Josh and I traded spots and he held her for the first time!

After her feeding we picked up Elizabeth at daycare and then went to our friends house for dinner. Thank you Katie, Jamie, and Isaac!

I called over to the NICU at 6:30 before the day nurse left to find out how their feedings went. Margo said they both had another great feeding and were sleeping. She also mentioned that there was talk of them moving up to the CCU by the end of the week! That was wonderful news!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28th A Great Day in NICU!!!

We got up to the hospital before rounds were done. We were happy and surprised to see both girls were of the c-pap and on room air. They are still in their incubators and we didn't take them out because we didnt want to disrupt them and make them stressed being off the c-pap for the first time.

Hannah was getting ready for her change and feeding. I changed her and took her temperature. Margo the girls nurse was showing me how to put her on her belly from being on her back. It was more difficult than it looked. They make everything look so easy.

Both girls looked good during rounds and continue to make progress. Emma was looking better today and they didn't think the light was necessary for her. Hannah was taken off the lights today and was looking very good.

Josh changed Emma and took her temperature today. We stayed in Emma's room and visited Hannah. Tomorrow we'll switch and stay in Hannah's room tomorrow. It is hard being in two different rooms so we are rotating day to day where we drop our things and pump in.

Patty one of my coworkers was at the hospital today for her moms surgery and stopped in. She was able to come up and see the girls for a short time.

I got all my things together to go to Black Bear Medical supply to get my new breast pump before leaving Portland. When we got there they had to call the insurance and verify everything. We were then told that we had to wait a least a week because it needed to be preauthorized. My emotions and hormones got the best of me because I had my first meltdown. I was not upset with the guy telling me. I was just tired of jumping through all these stupid hoops to get my insurance to pay for something they told me they would. Of course my fabulous husband came to the rescue. He called the insurance company himself and wanted to know why I had to wait when I clearly have all the paperwork they asked for, both babies are in the NICU and will be for a while and I have already been discharged from the hospital. After an hour of all the hassel Josh was able to go in and walk out with my breast pump. He looked pretty cute carrying out a breast pump!!

We finally started a registry at Babies "R" Us today. We also plan to do one at Target by the end of the week with some help from big sister Elizabeth.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Josh changing Hannah's diaper. (Look at the concentration!!)
Josh still changing Hannah's diaper....

Me taking Emma's temperature.

Holding Emma for the first time.

We had a great day in the NICU today. I got to hold Emma for the first time for about 30 minutes. She seemed so content in my arms. (See picture.) Josh and I also got to change diapers and take temperatures today too. Josh changed Hannah's twice and I did Emma's twice. We learned a little bit more about the NICU today and learned the 3 goals for the girls before they can graduate to the Continuing Care Unit: breathing on their own, eating on their own, and gaining weight. So it all depends on how quickly they accompish these goals before we move onto the next step. Hannah was also put under the bright lights to help with her jaundice. She looks like a little raccoon with her protective eye wear.
We left the NICU around 3:30 and Josh said he had to stop at the Mall to pick up something for Elizabeth's birthday. He returned with a bag from Kay's and a beautiful mother's ring. I was quite surprised. It has the 3 birthstones of the girls and it fit perfictly. I have such a wonderful husband. We got home and had dinner which was made for us by a friend. (Thank you Rachel!) Elizabeth and Josh played outside for a little while, and then she went to bed. It was a good day!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome Home Mommy!

So Susan is home!! Elizabeth and I got up to the hospital around 12:30 today. We had lunch and then went up to visit Emma and Hannah. Elizabeth got to touch each of them again, which made her very happy. Both girls are still on the C-Pap and are both being fed by a feeding tube. Susan has started to produce milk and it is being fed to both girls through a feeding tube. They told us that they have increased their feedings and both girls have had wet and poopy diapers. It is just a day to day with them and they want to make sure that both girls are resting peacefully and not over working themselves.

Around 3:30, the 3 of us went upstairs to say goodnight to the girls. Susan was holding it together until I hugged her and started balling myself. (This is the same way I/we felt 6 weeks ago after dropping Susan off at the hospital. It will get easier.) We went down and got the rest of Susan's stuff from her room and the nurses all escorted us to the main entrance. Susan made some really good connections with many of the nurses and hospital staff. I think most of them were sad for her to leave. I am sure we will stop in again and thank them with some flowers. They were all so helpful in making the last 6 weeks go by smoothly.

We stopped at Hannaford on the way home for Susan to pick up some perscriptions and groceries for the week. And then made our way home. Susan was amazed to see how green the grass and fields were. When we got home Susan discovered the sign Elizabeth and I made for her this morning. (I printed it on the computer and Elizabeth did the painting.) And for the first time in 6 weeks we ate a meal at the kitchen table. That was pretty nice but I think Susan and I still had an empty feeling. But we are headed back up to the hospital tomorrow, after we drop Elizabeth off at daycare.

I guess that is it for now. Thank you to everyone for the well-wishes and prayers. We still a long road ahead of us until Hannah and Emma are home with us. But we also know they have some of the best (and most expensive) babysitters with then right now.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday's News

There really isn't any news to update.
Both girls had some visitors today. Katie and Jamie came to visit along with Travis, Lukie, Tim, and Amanda.
Hannah has gone back on the cpap. They decided she was working to hard to breath, and it would be better for her to go back on the cpap.
It has been a long day for everyone, and we are all exhausted. This is Susan's last night in the hospital. It will be exactly 6 weeks from when she was admitted to when she will be discharged. Elizabeth and I are really excited for her to be home. (We will need to tidy-up a little in the morning....) I am sure it will be another long and emotional day leaving Hannah and Emma in the NICU and then coming home.
We will try to update again tomorrow sometime. Good night!

April 25th Holding Hannah!!!

Yesterday Uncle Travis and Tim and Aunt Amanda and Lukie came down to visit us and the new nieces. Josh and I also asked them to be the godparents to the babies and of course they accepted! Tim and Amanda will be Emma's godparents and Travis and Lukie will be Hannah's godparents.

Elizabeth went home with them and Josh stayed another night with me. Tonight he is going to be home with Elizabeth and hopefully it will be my last night here!!. Tomorrow I'll be here for 6 weeks so it is time to go home. I miss my own bed.

Josh is taking the week off to help me get around and to be with the girls as much as possible.

Last night before going to bed Josh and I went up to the NICU and I was able to hold Hannah for the first time. She is so little and did well out of her glass house. Emma isn't ready to be held but she was moving all around setting her alarms off. She must have know Hannah was able to get out and be held.

Josh left earlier and went to get things ready for his sub this week. Before he left we went and say the babies. They are both stable and continuing on the nasal and cpap for breathing.

As for me I'm a little bit uncomfortable from time to time. It mostly seems when I'm up walking around I'm in the most pain. I was able to get my IV out this morning. Now I'm just laying low resting and pumping.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Baby Pictures


The 3 of us checking on Hannah
Elizabeth and Daddy touching Emma

Elizabeth touching Hannah

Elizabeth playing peek-a-boo with Hannah

Emma all hooked up
Elizabeth and Daddy checking on Hannah

Day 41 April 24th Cute Babies!!!

Big sister Elizabeth was able to meet her two new sisters. She thought they were so cute and she gave them both kisses on the incubator and also blew them kisses before she left for the night.

I was able to see the babies before going back down to my room after surgery. My first comment was they have dark hair. They have the same nose as Elizabeth but very different colored hair. Last night Josh and I went back up to see the babies before getting ready to go to bed. They were both on the breathing tubes and doing well. We were able to touch both of the babies in the incubator.

I got up a few times and feel good so far. Of course I'm still taking meds for the pain.

This morning we were up early for pain meds and pumping. I also had more blood drawn and my bandage taken off by my doctor. She said it looked good and gave me permission to take a shower!

We went up again to see the babies this morning. Emma and Hannah were both off the breath tubes. Emma is on the cpac and working hard to breath. Hannah was working hard to breath but graduated to another type of oxygen tube. She is one step closer to breathing room air. Both babies are going to get their first tube feeding today.

We are hoping to get pictures on later this afternoon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We have babies...

So Baby A and Baby B decided they wanted to be born today. The monitoring this morning showed some ups and downs and after talking to the Doctors they decided today was the day. Susan called me at 7:00 a.m. and said she was still on the monitors and then called again at 7:30 a.m. saying they were going to do a C-section at 9:00. So Susan's mom came over and picked up Elizabeth (She still thinks Daddy was going to a meeting....) and then I drove "very carefully" to the hospital.

Baby A was born at 9:37 and was 4 lbs 8 oz. Her name is Emma Marie.
Baby B was born at 9:38 and was 4 lbs 3 oz. Her name is Hannah Mary.

Susan is doing fine in recovery. She is hoping to come back to her room within the next hour. And then maybe up to see the girls.
Both babies are in the NICU and are needing some help breathing. Emma is breathing a little bit of help and Hannah was having a breathing tube put in. To me they both look great.

Now the next chapter: NICU
Check back in later for another update or maybe even pictures. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers over the last 6 weeks. Let's hope both Emma and Hannah are home with us soon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 39 - 7 more days

Finally just had my ultrasound today. They tried to get some 3D pictures but both girls were not in good positions. Everything was fine. Josh and Elizabeth are here and we are going to go for a walk and then get some dinner. It has been a long day of waiting around for ultrasound.

Day 39 Happy Earth Day! One week to go!

All my NST's went fine. I woke up at 5ish this morning and had my NST. I then fell back asleep and woke up at 7:15am which is like sleeping in for me.

It looks to be another wet day. Josh and Elizabeth have some errands to do today and then are stopping in later.

Not sure when I'll have ultrasound this morning. Wednesday's seem to be days I wait around for it. There are also 13 inpatients this morning so who knows when it will be my turn. My nurse has a nursing student this morning so I was asked if she could go with me to ultrasound. I don't have a problem with them coming with me. I have gotten a lot of attention by the nursing students with my situation.

My doctor has come in and already seen me this morning. She is going on vacation so this was the last time I'll see her until after the babies are born! We talked a little bit about next Tuesday night. I'll have an IV put in and dripping that night. I'll go up to triage at about 9:30am on Wednesday morning before my c-section. I was even told I can walk to the operating room. The NICU team will be in the operating room during the c-section. She said to make sure to bring a camera. I may even be able to see them before they are taken to NICU because I have already come so far and the babies weights look so good. She also said that Josh will be the only one in the NICU with the babies until all the testing and monitoring have been done.

We are looking forward to next Wednesday to meet our little girls! and to finally share their names other than baby A and baby B, Hannah Montana and Mylie Syrus, or Abigail and Brianna.

My next NST is at 11:00am.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 38 April 21st A Great Day!

Ok so it looks like my first posting didn't post. Oops.

Anyways things are continuing to look good. My NST's last night and this morning all looked great. Josh and Elizabeth showed up around 11:30am and I had not had my ultrasound yet. My nurse went and told them I was waiting for it so I could get out of the hospital. They came and got me around 12ish and everything looked good.

We went to the circus at the civic center. The first half was better than the second. It was a good time away from the hospital again. My last day of getting out before the big day. Only 8 more days to go now!

My next NST is at 5:00pm.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 37 April 20th A busy day!

My NST at 11:00am took a while to get both babies monitored because they were wiggling around. They both looked great once they were on.

My friend Marcy came up and brought lunch from the Olive Garden! It was very yummy! She also brought two journals from my class which I absolutly love. We also did some scrapbooking together. I got a few more pages done.

Elizabeth and Josh came by about 4:00pm when Marcy was headed out. We attempted to do some geocaching within walking distance from the hospital. We found two of three. The one we couldn't find had numbers on a sign that we think might have been painted over recently so we were unable to do that one.

After my NST at 5:00pm that went well we got some dinner. Elizabeth didn't eat very much but was up for playing some Wii. We all played bowling and took turns playing tennis. Josh played a few more games and Elizabeth and I snuggled in a chair reading books together. She was very tired leaving today.

After talking with my doctor this afternoon I was given another pass to go out! So tomorrow if my ultrasound and 11:00am NST go well I'm going to the Circus with Elizabeth and Josh between my NST times.

My next NST is at 10:00pm.

Day 37 April 20th 9 More Days!

All my NST's went great. They both stayed on and was easy to monitor.

I had my back worked on this morning. I guess I was not as tights as I thought I was.

My ultrasound this morning went great. Both babies were very active and doing practice breathing easily. The ultrasound tec. looked very closely at the cords today. They looked great. She said they were very free flowing and she didn't see any knots but there were lots of places were the cords crossed over. So very good news. There have been a few ultrasound were they were a big mass of cords.

Elizabeth is feeling better today. They are coming over later this afternoon. Marcy is coming up today too for a visit.

My next NST is at 11:00am.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 36 April 19th 6 weeks inpatient

I did some reading today after my NST and lunch. Janis and Tom stopped in on their way home this afternoon. After they left I took out some scrapbooking and got a few pages done. Elizabeth is still not feeling good. Josh said she wouldn't eat anything this evening. She did call earlier and was very excited to sleep in her big girl bed.

My NST at 5:00pm went well and both girls looked good. They have been moving around like crazy today. My next NST is at 10:00pm before I go to bed.

Day 36 April 19th 10 days to go!

All my NST's were great! Both babies have been very active. After my 10:00pm one they were moving around so much it took a while to fall asleep.

I had my ultrasound later in the morning today. Everything looked great and both babies were showing off their practice breathing.

My doctor came in this morning and again mentioned how everything continues to look great! She also asked if we were planning on getting something special for Elizabeth when the babies come so she doesn't feel left out. Josh and I have already talked about this. She said we both deserve gold stars!

Speaking of Miss Elizabeth her new big girl bed was delivered today by Nanny and Grampy. It's to bad she is under the weather today. I guess she woke up with the stomach bug. So Josh and Elizabeth are going to be staying home today because I certainly do no need that.

My next NST is at 5:00pm.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 35 April 18th Another great day!!

Another great day! I had some great visitors this afternoon.

My NST at 11:00am and 5:00pm went well.

After my NST we ordered dinner at Amato's. Elizabeth and Noah were very silly together this evening. You could tell they were both really tired.

Next NST at 10:00pm.

Day 35 April 18th Welcome the Weekend!

I had two great NST's over the night. I've been up since 5:30am. I saw one of the residents this morning and he said the same thing he usually says which is everything looks great!

A lot of the rooms are empty today. Several patients delivered yesterday on this floor includeing my friend that was having twins two doors down. She was only 27 weeks along. I hope everything went alright for her.

My ultrasound was at 7:30am this morning so I was the first to go. I guess that's the good thing when the floor doesn't have that many inpatients. Everything looked fine on ultrasound. Baby A was head down again on my left but kind of pushed in the middle taking up most of the room. Baby B was head up and slightly sideways in my ribs. It is going to be fun for NST's today unless they decide to move around a bit. Usually I don't say this but I hope Baby B decides to take a trip because I feel her right under my ribs.

So it looks like a busy weekend of visitors again. Donna should be here sometime this morning after her appointment and Tim, Amanda and Noah are coming down today! Josh and Elizabeth will be here later today. They are busy cleaning out a toy box this morning.

My next NST is at 11:00am.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 34 April 17th A Warm Day out!

We left the hospital by 11:45am and returned around 3:00pm. We attempted to go to Deering Oaks for Elizabeth to play on the playground but I guess there is no more playground there. We then went to the Fort Williams and Elizabeth played on the playground there, played frizbee and walked around.

We had lunch at The Governors because I really wanted a hot dog and we didn't know where else to go. After lunch we went to McDonalds and Elizabeth played on the indoor playground there and then came back to the hospital. Josh and Elizabeth played some Wii and then we had a friend come stop in after his track practice.

My 5:00pm NST went fine and Josh and Elizabeth headed home shortly after it. We are all exhausted from the long afternoon of warm fresh air.

My next NST is at 10:00pm and then it's time for bed!

Day 34 April 17th I'm Free!!

My ultrasound went great and NST at 11:00am so I'm free for a few hours and then back for my next NST at 5:00pm.

What a Beautiful Day!!!!

Day 34 April 17th Only 12 more days!

So it looks like I'm going out today!!!

Both babies did great on the monitor at 10:00pm abnd 5:00am! I met up with my doctor this morning and she said things look great!

Leslie my night nurse made me a countdown calendar to put up in my room. My next NST is at 11:00am

Thursday, April 16, 2009

32 Weeks 1 day

Day 33 April 16th Late NST this evening

I watched 27 Dresses Josh picked out for me from Netfix this afternoon. Then when Elizabeth got here she wanted to watch Marley and Me so we watched that too.

So my day nurse sent up a patient to labor and delivery during the time I was suppose to be on the monitor so we waited around. I guess it was her second patient today to be sent up for c-section. Another nurse ended up coming in to put me on the monitor at 6:30. Baby A had a very high heart rate this evening and Baby B looked great. I'll be monitored again at 10pm so lets hope it is uneventful so I can get out tomorrow.

Day 33 April 16th Only 13 more days to go!

A very busy place here today. My nurse began my NST but baby B was giving us a hard time. One of the doctors that works on my back came in and my nurse stopped the monitoring because we didn't have baby B on. She was hoping I would have had ultrasound before my NST. So anyways I had my back worked on and then my nurse came back and both babies were on the monitor very easily. They both looked great on the monitors.

As I was being taken off the machine the ultrasound tec got me for ultrasound. Both babies looked great. They were active but practicing breathing, plenty of fluid, good heart rates and great blood flow in their cords!

Janis stopped in right after I got out of ultrasound and we had lunch together. Now I'm going to heat up my back and do some stretching

Josh and Elizabeth will be up later for dinner. My next NST is at 5:00pm.

Day 33 April 16th A Very Busy Floor Here

My NST last night happened at about 10:30. The babies were great then and looked good too!!!

I was up several times during the night. There was a party in the womb at 2:00am. At 4:30am I decided to do my NST because I was up and the babies then were very quiet. The NST went well. Leslie found the babies easily. They were a little off their marks. Not that is surprised me since I'm pretty sure I was feeling a back and not legs and feet high on my belly when they were both head down.

So the first floor here is completely full with 14 patients. Leslie said they even have someone in the closet room. It really isn't a closet but I guess it is a small room. It also didn't seem likely that anyone was going to be discharged today either. From the sounds of things there are a bunch of patients that are here for the duration of their pregnancy. Only 13 more days for me!!!

Who knows what time my ultrasound will be today. Usually when it has been really busy here in the evening my ultrasound is often later. My next NST is at 11ish today.

I met up with Dr Whitely this morning and I officially have a pass to leave tomorrow!!!! YEAH!!!
Although if there are any changes in my ultrasound then I can't go out but I'm thinking things are going to be just fine!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 32 April 15th A nice evening!

My 5:00pm ultrasound was okay. I needed to be monitored longer because Baby A was having lots of accelerations. This means her heart rate was very high. At times she was 180-194. Luckily my doctor happened to come in and she was okay with it because she was moving around so much and she did drop to baseline several times even though she did become very high in accelerations.

So it looks like I'll get a pass out Friday afternoon for a couple hours. Although the girls still need to cooperate the next two days on ultrasound and NST.

Josh and I had a great evening together. We ordered Pizza for dinner and had it delivered from Papa Johns. After dinner we played some Wii. I wasn't able to beat Josh in tennis but I did beat him in a round of bowling!

So my next NST is about 10 tonight before bed. I plan to heat up my back while playing some more video games on Josh's PSP before Lost!

Day 32 April 15th A nice afternoon!

After a good 11:00am NST I got a surprise call from my friend Francine. She had some time in between appointments and stopped in for a little visit.

I played a few rounds of Lumines on Josh's PSP. I'm obsessed with this game. It is kind of like Tetrus only you make squares with colors.

So these babies are very busy today. I forgot to mention earlier that they again switched sides. Baby A is on my left side and Baby B is on my right. They are both head down. During the ultrasound Baby A had her arm around Baby B. It looked like she was giving her a hug. Very cute. We got a picture of it. Of course if you don't know what you are looking at you might not be able to see it.

Nanny is picking up Elizabeth and going to the park this afternoon. Josh is coming up after work. I'm going for a rematch in the Wii.

My next NST is at 5:00pm.

Day 32 April 15th Weigh in Day!!

Ok so are you all ready to hear the weights this week? Baby A is 4lbs 7oz and Baby B is 4lbs 1oz. Can you all believe that.

Day 32 April 15th 32 Weeks!!!!! 2 more to go!!!!

I was up at 4:45am and started my NST. Baby B is piggybacking on A or at least that's what it looked like once we got both babies on. They were both on the right side. One on bottom and the other on top. Who knows which one is which today.

They have been very active this morning. Someone needs to tell them there is not enough room to do that in there.

Today is growth so I'm anxious for ultrasound. Janis is coming up early this morning to make it for the ultrasound. I have been going earlier in the morning so far this week but I'm guessing today I'll be waiting all morning just because Janis is headed up and because it is a growth day.

So I'm waiting for ultrasound and my next NST is at 11:00am!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 31 April 14th Good Night!

Janis, Josh and Elizabeth all arrived around the same time. It was a nice visit. Elizabeth and Janis left before dinner. Elizabeth is starting to get a head cold and was looking exhausted.

I asked about getting a pass to break free from the hospital for an hour or so from my doctor. As long as my next ultrasounds and NSTs continue to look good and my contractions are minimal I might be able to get out and go to the park with Josh and Elizabeth on Friday. It looks like it should be a nice afternoon out.

Josh and I took a short walk before dinner. After dinner we played some Wii. I'm getting better at tennis but still managed to lose.

Both NST's were easy and the babies looked great! My favorite nurse is on tonight! I just finished my 10pm NST and again things looked good. I did have only one contraction while on the monitor but it wasn't as bad as last nights.

Headed to bed and up early for my next NST. It usually is 5:00am or 5:30am. Sometimes after my NST I just lounge around and watch the news and other times I may fall asleep for a little bit. Usually the resident is in between 6:15am and 7:00am so it would be early regardless of my NST.

Anyways I'm headed to bed. I can't wait to post what the babies weights are!!!!

Day 31 April 14th A good ultrasound

Overall a great morning. I had my ultrasound early and things looked great. They were not the most active things during ultrasound like they typically are so it made some things easier. Of course we did need to wake them and shake them to get them active to pass the ultrasound today. They eventually did and of course once I got back to my room I had two busy babies. Growth ultrasound tomorrow! I'm guessing they are close to the 4 pound mark! My belly has grown a lot in two weeks so I wouldn't be surprised if one of them was at the 4 pound mark.

I had some therapy on my back which felt great!

My NST at 11:00am went well. The babies were easy to monitor which was very helpful.

I met the other person on the floor having the twins that have been difficult to monitor. I told her it gets easier once they get bigger. Even thought there are days when mine are so busy moving all around that we have to tie them down.

Janis is coming down for the night or maybe two. Josh and Elizabeth will be here after work later.

Oh and I got my picture take with the nurses for some nurse thing the birthing center is doing. They didn't get my face just my belly with the two nurses doing monitoring.

My next NST is at 5:00pm.

Day 31 April 14th A long NST

Lets just say it was a great night until NST. I miss Leslie my night nurse. It is so difficult having so many different people at night. The nurse last night was an hour trying to get them on and of course don't listen to the mother. Why are some nurses so stubborn to listen. She was getting the same heartbeat for both babies and I knew it was the same baby but she was determined it wasn't. Then when she decided it was she was messing with Baby A which I knew it was Baby B that needed to be moved. Lets just say once she finally did listen that Baby B was way farther to the left guess what she found? Baby B's heartbeat. Just frustrating.

Anyways thank goodness at my 5am NST I just put my finger at where they had been earlier and luckily for me they were there and I was only on for 20 minutes.

I guess there is another women having twins that is only like 26 weeks along and they are all having a difficult time monitoring her babies. I feel for her because I know what it is like to try for 2hours to get two heartbeats. Then to have a determined nurse to be in the wrong spot to look for it and not listen to you makes it frustrating.

Anyways I'm hoping I have Betty for my nurse today. I've been her having her during the days when another day nurse isn't here. Another nurse I"m not crazy about is usually her on Tuesday's and Wednesday's but she drives me a little bit crazy so I'm hoping not to have her. Awful of me to say I know but there are some nurses that just know these babies better than others.

So now I'll be waiting for ultrasound sometime this morning and my next NST should be at 11am. Lets hope it stays this way so that when Josh and Elizabeth get here I'll be on at 5:00pm instead of 6:00pm so I can have dinner with my two loves.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 30 April 13th Waiting for NST

A nice afternoon and night. I worked on Puzzles games that my friend Marcy gave me before I came to the hospital and a game Josh bought me for his PSP. Both were very addictive to me today but I guess it made the time go by quickly today.

I talked with Elizabeth on the phone this evening. She didn't really want to talk. She did tell me she went shopping.

My NST at 5:30 wasn't all that bad. The babies did move away from the marks again. Once they were on they stayed so that was nice. My next NST is around 10ish.

Day 30 April 13th Oh these babies!

So I had my ultrasound this morning and these girls have changed spots again. Not that it surprised me because nothing does anymore with these two.

I had my back worked on before my NST. I thought I felt really good until I got worked on. That's when I noticed I was more tight than I thought. My neck was great though.

My NST went fine once we found the girls. They had already moved out of their spots from ultrasound. Again not that it surprised me. They are two busy girls. Luckily they were very quiet only because they must have been sleeping. Their heart rates were very close so I needed to be on for an additional 10 minutes just to make sure we had two babies.

My next NST is about 5:30pm.

Day 30 April 13th Sleepless night

I had my NST last night at 10:30pm. The babies were a challenge to get on the monitors. Once we got baby A she stayed. Baby B was very difficult to hold down. I fell asleep after my monitoring and then was woken up for meds. I was up several times because of some cramping and contractions as well as lots of baby movement. I was up at 5:30am and had another NST. The babies were in totally different spots for monitoring so I'm curious to go to ultrasound and see where they have went on vacation to.

I saw my doctor already this morning. We are still waiting for results from the culture. I'm also ging to be tested for group B strep. I didn't have it with Elizabeth so I'm guessing it will be the same. If not they just give you antibiotics.

So I'm waiting for ultrasound and have my next NST at 11:30am. I'm also hoping to get some sleep today to make up for loss sleep last night.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 29 April 12th 4 weeks inpatient today

So it has been four weeks since I first became inpatient at the hospital. It really has gone by quickly. I have 17 more days until my c-section!

Today was a fun day with Josh and Elizabeth! She found her Easter basket and looked through it before I was taken to ultrasound. They both got an Easter surprise when baby A was put on 3D for them to see. Baby B was difficult because of her position It really was not the clearest today because Baby A had cords in her face but he did get to see them! When we came back to my room Elizabeth found hidden Easter eggs. We had lunch together then went outside to blow some bubbles! It was really chilly with the wind blowing.

My parents and grandfather stopped in for a visit this afternoon. I also had a former co-worker Betty stop in for a surprise visit! It was so nice to see everyone on this Easter Sunday!

All my NSTs looked great. I have my next NST at about 9:30-10 tonight.

I'll get woken up at midnight for my meds for the UTI. I'm hoping my results will be in for tomorrow to see if that really is what I have. If it isn't the UTI or something to do with my kidneys then I can get taken off the meds. I usually wake up at 5ish in the morning and will do another NST then meds at 6am and sleep a little bit longer before I get a call from my favorite two people heading to daycare and work!

Day 29 Easter Pictures

Baby B
Baby A (Cords in front of her face)

Day 29 April 12th Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Last nights NST's went well. Baby B gave a run for her money again both times. My nurse last night knew a lot about mono twins so it was nice. She said when she was a labor and delivery nurse in another state they delivered monos at 32 weeks.

A busy day with company. The Easter Bunny came for a visit and dropped Elizabeth's Easter Basket here. Josh and Elizabeth are going to Easter Mass with Katie, Jamie, and Isaac this morning. After mass they are headed up here to celebrate Easter. My parents and grandfather are also coming up this afternoon.

I'll be waiting around for ultrasound and doctor visit again today. My next NST is at 11:00am

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 28 April 11th A long day.

So today has been a long day. One of the residents with Dr Beck came in to see me this morning. She was very rough but it felt very good on my back. She also said she ran into someone that knows me but she couldn't remeber who it was. Of course everyone knows how bad I am with names so I can't even remember her name. I think it was like the second time I've had her work on my back. She is also expecting.

I waited around most of the morning for my ultrasound which happened at 11:00am. While waiting for it Donna stopped in with a yummy decaf iced coffee. Marcy also came up to visit and brought Sea Dogs Biscuits. Very Yummy!!!

Donna and Marcy were here when I went to ultrasound so the came along and saw the babies. They also got to see Baby B is 3-D. She had a good amount of fluid around her face when we started. It was a good think we did it first thing because she had moved and we wouldn't have been able to see her by the end of the scan. Baby A was facing down so no pics of her other than you could see her hair. Well some of us could see the hair. I was going to give Josh the pictures to add but forgot. I'll try and remember to give them to him tomorrow to add to the blog.

Matt and Meaghan also stopped in this afternoon. It was nice to catch up with the two of them. Josh and Matt played some bowling on the Wii.

My NST at 11:30am and 5:30pm went well. My nurse needed to stay in my room and held baby B at 11:30am. Both babies decided to behave for the 5:30pm NST

Elizabeth got here from a long day of fun at about 6:00pm. She was very grumpy and tired. We all got some dinner and then had dessert (Sea Dogs Biscuits.) Elizabeth asked if she could do her body test on the Wii so she played a few games and they went home. She was getting very fussy tonight and I think was ready to go home and get in bed.

There are all new nurses on this floor tonight. Lets hope my next NST goes well. I hate it when they don't know how to use my machine and fight to get a baby on the monitor. Not fun.

Day 28 April 11th A wet Saturday

Both NSTs went well last night. I'm on a 12 and 6 schedule for meds for my possible UTI. I fell right asleep last night and then was up at 12am for my pill and then fell back to sleep and didn't wake up until 4:55am. That's the longest I've slept here. I must have been tired and wasn't getting my bladder kicked.

During the NST at 5:00am Baby B was near my back. It's no wonder why I'm having all the pains she must be kicking my kidney too.

My doctor came in early this morning. Leslie my nurse told he how cooperative my babies were for her overnight. They both look really good on the monitors!

Waiting for ultrasound and my next NST is at 11am. I also have some visitors coming this morning and this afternoon!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 27 April 10th Nighty night

Elizabeth and Josh came up this evening and we took a nice walk outside. It was a little chilly when the wind was blowing but nice when the sun was shinning.

My NST started a little bit earlier than 6pm but it took a while to get baby B on. She was busy moving away and pushing her sister again. When I was done with the NST Josh ordered dinner and went and got it.

I played some Wii while he went to get dinner. After dinner we played Wii together. They just left a little while ago and are headed home to go to bed. Elizabeth was a tired little girl. Lets hope she sleeps in tomorrow because she has a busy day with Katie, Ally and Lynn.

My doctor also came in and saw me this evening. We talked about the urine culture and she is going to treat me like I have an urinary track infection until the cultrue comes back. If it is negative then they'll take me off the antibiotics. She wants to treat it like one because if it is and isn't treated then we could have some other unsafe problems. So much for being negative yesterday.

Anyways my favorite night nurse was called in this evening so assignments got shifted and I have her as my nurse until 7am. I like it when that happens!

My next NST is at 10pm. Lets hope Baby B is sleeping and not bothering her sister who has been good on the monitors. I need some rest because it looks to be another busy weekend!

Day 27 April 10th Restful Afternoon

My NST ended up being at noon today because my nurse got caught up with another patient. So now my schedule is a little off. My next NST is 6pm.

My last NST went well. Baby B is very busy and pushing Baby A into my pelvis. Let me just say it is not very pleasant.

I got a few more pages done in my scrapbook while waiting around this morning. I also took a little nap after lunch.

Josh and Elizabeth are on their way up to Portland. When they get here we are going to enjoy the nice weather outside until my next NST and then figure out what to have for dinner.

I still have not seen my doctor today so I'm thinking I'll see her later this evening.

Day 27 April 10th Good Friday!

All my NSTs have been good. The babies have been somewhat cooperative. Baby B just doesn't like to be held down and poor baby A is holding her own.

The resident came in to see me early this morning. They are going to culture my urine sample from yesterday even though things came back fine. She did say there was something in it that is perfectly fine but was going to look into it.

I have not seen my doctor yet today. My guess is she will be here around noon or later this evening.

My ultrasound looked good this morning. I have my next NST at 11:30am. Things got changed a little because I woke up a little bit later this morning. I guess that's what happens when you can't fall asleep.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 26 April 9th Evening Report

Josh and Elizabeth stopped in and then went to see the Disney Show over at the Civic Center. They called on the way home and it sounded like Elizabeth had a great time!

I heated up my back and did some more stretching. Now I'm getting ready for bed, watching Survivor, and waiting for my next NST.

Day 26 April 9th A busy afternoon

Ok so I know some of you have been waiting for an afternoon post. I was busy this afternoon and have finally taken a minute to write.

So I had my back done earlier. It felt good then but now I'm all tight again. I used some heat a little while ago and did some stretching.

My NST at 11:00am went well. The babies looked great.

I also took a urine test to see if there was anything going on regarding the cramping. I have not heard anything back yet. I'm hoping that no news is good news.

I called my insurance company and got some good news that they will cover the pump. I will need to have a note from my doctor saying my condition and mention that I will be apart from the babies. I also have to go through a supplier they recommend to get it paid for 100%.

I also met one of the lactation consultants. We talked about the breast pumps and breast feeding premature twins. She recommended renting one of the industrial pumps here first because they are better than the pumps you can buy. I guess this will help my supply come in and make it easier with me pumping 8-10 times a day minimum.

Josh and Elizabeth will be here soon for a short time. They are coming for dinner then headed over to the Civic Center to see Disney's Playhouse.

My next NST is at 5:00pm.

Day 26 April 9th A Beautiful Morning!

NSTs at 9:30pm and 5:00am went well last night. A few minor contractions but nothing major. The babies are still active but not as active as they have been so lets hope they stay put for a while.

I talked with my doctor this morning. Everything still looks great! I did mentioned some cramping I've been having. It has mostly been when I'm in bed and moving from side to side. If it continues or gets worse then there is a test to determine preterm labor. I'm hoping it is not that but there is something I can take to help stop or slow it down. Of course if my water breaks then that is a whole different story. She has ordered a urine test to rule out some other possibilities.

We also talked more about breastfeeding and she is going to have a lactate specialist come and talk to me about pumping while the babies are in the NICU and the many types of breast pumps. I was told that most insurance companies will cover the cost of a pump if babies are premature or multiples so I'm going to work on figuring that out today.

So it looks like I'll be waiting around this morning for ultrasound. My next NST is at 11am.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 25 April 8th A nice afternoon!

After an afternoon nap I finally took out some scrapbooking stuff. I got about 7 pages done and two more pages started but nothing has been stuck down yet.

My NST at 5 went well. I have a new nurse this evening and again another person that does not know how to change the volume on each of the pads. When I told her what to do she said she knew that but then never did it. It was a good thing the girls were where they were marked from earlier and cooperative.

I'm now heating up my back and waiting for Elizabeth to call to say goodnight. My next NST is at 10pm then it's time for bed.

Day 25 April 8th 31 Weeks Today!!!

NSTs last night and this morning were very good. I'm having more small contractions but no one is concerned yet. They are random and not very strong.

I had ultrasound at 8:30am so it was nice to get that done and not wait around for it. I have my next NST at 11am.

It looks to be a quite day! I'm hoping to get some scrapbooking done this afternoon and a nice nap.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 24 April 7th A tired night

Waiting for my next NST so that I can get some much needed sleep.

My 5pm NST went well. I ate dinner with Josh and Elizabeth and then they went home for the evening.

Getting ready to watch Dancing with the Stars while waiting for my NST.

Day 24 April 7th GO RED SOX!!!!

NST at 11am went fine. Waited around all afternoon for ultrasound. A lot of new patients on this floor and 3 amnios plus other issues with patients coming in today.

Janis came over today and waited around to see the ultrasound. Josh came in with Elizabeth at the end of the ultrasound. Everything looked fine with the ultrasound so we are good for another day. Both babies were in the same position even though Baby B is pushing to be where Baby A is.

I played some Wii today with Janis and now with Elizabeth and Josh. Janis just left and is headed back to Ellsworth.

Day 24 April 7th Happy cooperative babies!

Last nights NST was great. The babies stayed on and only took 20 minutes. This morning at 5:30am the floor was very busy. It sounded like they had a patient go up to labor and delivery. You could hear her all the way down the hallway. My 5:30 NST also went well. The babies were very cooperative.

My doctor came in earlier today. Again things continue to look really good. We talked about the contractions that I've been having. Of course with all their movement the nurses are surprised that I've not had more. It seems that when they are on big moves is when they are happening but they are not consistent so they are not worried about it.

Now I'm waiting for ultrasound and NST about 11ish.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 23 April 6 Long day of waiting

After waiting around all morning for my ultrasound, we finally decided to just do my 11:00 NST. It took about an hour to get a 20 minute strip. The girls were constantly moving. They finally came to get me for my ultrasound around 2:00, which was really later in the day, because they were having a staff meeting. The ultrasound showed that everything was fine.
5:00 NST was nice and easy. 20 minute strip no problem.
Josh, Elizabeth and Janis are here now, but Elizabeth and Nanny are headed home to get some sleep. Josh and I are going to get some dinner and then play some wii.

So just a long day of waiting around. Next NST is at 10:00.

Day 23 Halfway there! 23 more days to go!

Last nights NST at 5 was awful. The nurse was only picking up on of their heart beats. After 40 minutes of trying she called the resident to get the portable ultrasound. This typically has been happening if they are in the same position facing each other. They were also very busy moving around which doens't make it easy to monitor. While waiting for the resident she had the other nurse on this floor help to find them both. They finally were both on the monitors and we got 20 minutes of a strip and they looked fine.

While all of this craziness was going on Josh's cousin Shayna showed up. She got to see the end of what I go through to get babies on the monitor. It was a nice surprise visit!

Josh, Janis and Elizabeth stopped in after the game. We had dinner together and they left later then usual.

My 10pm and 5am NST's went much easier. Of course my favorite nurse Leslie was here last night so she always makes it easier even when the girls are not the most cooperative.

I had a difficult time sleeping last night. When ever I woke up I had a difficult time falling back asleep.

Waiting for ultrasound and then another NST at 11ish.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 22 April 5th A fun afternoon with visitors!

I had my 11am NST which went fine. My doctor also stopped in and said things still look great.

Josh brought me lunch from Arby's! It's always nice to have a change in meals. Even if they might not be the best food to be eating. We took a walk and went outside. What a beautiful day! On our way back to my room we ran into Elizabeth and Nanny. Elizabeth was wearing a new Hannah Montana T-shirt (thank you Lukie) and cute bunny ears. She also gave me a palm for Palm Sunday!

Elizabeth and Nanny stopped for sandwiches at Subway for lunch and brought them up to eat. Shortly after the Keeps stopped in before heading back home. They have a new grandson that was born yesterday at this hospital!

Marcy, Niki, Francine, and Jenn stopped in for a visit. They are friends from work. We had a fun visit. Elizabeth was being very silly with Francine. Josh, Janis and Elizabeth went upstairs to visit baby Owen while I visited with my company.

Now I'm waiting for my next NST at 5ish. I have a new nurse who usually works on a different floor. Lets hope she knows how to use the machine.

Day 22 April 5th 3 weeks inpatient!

Only 24 more days to go!!!

My evening and morning NST's went well. The babies were cooperative again! I also had an early morning ultrasound. Both babies were very sleepy and not as active but I had only been up a short time and I had not had breakfast yet. Baby A decided she would wait until that last minute to do some full practice breathing. Baby B was doing the showing off today. They both passed again today.

It looks like another busy day with visitors. Josh is headed up after church and grocery shopping, Elizabeth and Nanny will be here later this afternoon and a visit from some co-workers was also planned for today.

My next NST is at 11ish today.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 21 April 4th Late night

Patty and Josh came to visit me at the same time today. Thank you Patty for the nice treats!

My NST at 5 tonight went very well. Josh and I had dinner and then watched a movie together.

So last night my night nurse said something about Baby Bs cord had a notch in it. I had no idea what she was talking about so when my specialist doctor came in I asked about it. She said it was nothing to worry about because both babies are very active and my strips have looked great. She mentioned that the cord reading may have been close to a knot and wasn't able to get a good reading. She said they would be concerned if it was happening daily, the babies were not moving around as often and my strips looked bad. When my other doctor came in I ended up asking her about it and she basically said the same thing. My specialist also said that if there was anything that was concerning she would come and see me right away. So I was okay with that but of course I'm always going to be asking every ultrasound about the notching.

My next NST is at 10pm. Tomorrow is another busy day with visitors. Elizabeth will be back home tomorrow!!

Day 21 April 4th A busy Saturday!

My NST at 5am went well. Baby B needed to be held down and was kicking Baby A over.

I went back to sleep and then was up at 7:30am. The resident Doctor came in about 7:45 and said things still looked great.

I had my ultrasound at 9am and again everything looked great. The blood flow in the cords and heart rates were where they needed to be.

Donna stopped in to visit this morning. We had a nice visit together!

My next NST is at 11am.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 20 April 3rd A great day!

My NST at 5 went well. Both babies looked great!

Josh and I played some more Wii. Josh also got some correcting done while I played.

Our friend Vanessa stopped in for a visit around 6 tonight. It was nice to catch up with her.

Josh and I ordered Margaritas for dinner. We also got fried ice cream! YUM YUM!!!!

Josh is headed home to do my laundry but will come back up some time tomorrow. He is going to do some errands in the morning and finish laundry.

My next NST is at 10 tonight and then it is time for bed.

Day 20 April 3rd A foggy afternoon

My ultrasound and NST at 11am went well. I also had my back worked on this morning.

Josh is up for the day and we played some Wii this morning. We just got back from a walk around the hospital and a quick walk outside.

Day 20 April 3rd A better morning

The babies cooperated last night before I went to bed and at 5am this morning. I was able to get some much needed rest last night.

Today Josh is coming up for the day.

Now I'm waiting for my morning ultrasound and thinking my next NST is about 11am.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 19 A relaxing afternoon

After my NST at 10am I caught up on some e-mails. Dr Beck came in and worked on my back. It was the first time I had actually seen him. Every time I've had my back worked on it was his residents. I worked on my cross stitch and then tried to get some rest after lunch.

I had a 4pm NST which looked great. I'm still waiting to see my doctor. It looks like my last NST of the day is at 10pm.

Day 19 A tired morning

Last nights NST was fairly easy. The girls stayed on the monitors most of the time and got a good strip. I also got a nice massage from the CNA before going to bed. It was very helpful to my back.

I woke up at 5:10am and called my nurse to put me on the monitor for my morning NST. The girls were not moving around much so I thought it might be a good time to do it. Little did I know they decided they were going to go on vacation and not be found. They were not happy to be on the monitor. After 45 minutes of on and off and disappering acts the resident was called in. I had never seen this resident and she obviously did not do a good job reviewing my chart. She said they both looked fine from what she could see but didn't think I needed an ultrasound. They were on together for about a minute or two and we called it quits when she left. We tried tracking them for almost 2 hours.

I tried to fall asleep for a short time after the NST. Now I'm heating up my back and waiting for ultrasound.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 18 Busy Girls!

After a visit from Elizabeth and Nanny my parents stopped in for a few hours. Then Josh came in as the 3rd shift. We played some Wii together and I certainly need some practice.

The girls were very busy at my 6pm NST. They needed to be held down again. Once they were on they both looked great.

They have been flipping and moving all over tonight. Of course when they make those big moves it it very painful. There can't be that much room in there.

My next NST is at 10pm so I can sleep until 6am. I'm going to heat my back and stretch then watch Lost!

Day 18 Noon NST

The babies needed to be held down today to keep them on the monitor. Both looked great and were very active.

So for the past few days I've had really bad mid back pain. My doctor set me up with a pad on my bed, a heat wrap for my back that last 8 hours and a water heating pad. All part of being pregnant but worse off because there are two.

Elizabeth will be here soon with Nanny before they head off to Ellsworth. Josh is also planning on coming up tonight after work.

Day 18 Weigh in day!!!

The ultrasound went great. Both girls look good. They did however changed sides and are both head down today. Baby A IS 3lbs 4oz and Baby B is 3lbs 1oz.

My next NST is at noon.

Day 18 30 Weeks Today!!!!

The girls were very cooperative at 5:30am for NST. I think they were still sleeping because they were not moving around as much as usual and stayed on. Both babies looked great!

Janis is coming down today for the growth ultrasound and is picking Elizabeth up at daycare. Elizabeth is also headed back to Ellsworth for a few days.