Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 33 April 16th Only 13 more days to go!

A very busy place here today. My nurse began my NST but baby B was giving us a hard time. One of the doctors that works on my back came in and my nurse stopped the monitoring because we didn't have baby B on. She was hoping I would have had ultrasound before my NST. So anyways I had my back worked on and then my nurse came back and both babies were on the monitor very easily. They both looked great on the monitors.

As I was being taken off the machine the ultrasound tec got me for ultrasound. Both babies looked great. They were active but practicing breathing, plenty of fluid, good heart rates and great blood flow in their cords!

Janis stopped in right after I got out of ultrasound and we had lunch together. Now I'm going to heat up my back and do some stretching

Josh and Elizabeth will be up later for dinner. My next NST is at 5:00pm.

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