Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 23 April 6 Long day of waiting

After waiting around all morning for my ultrasound, we finally decided to just do my 11:00 NST. It took about an hour to get a 20 minute strip. The girls were constantly moving. They finally came to get me for my ultrasound around 2:00, which was really later in the day, because they were having a staff meeting. The ultrasound showed that everything was fine.
5:00 NST was nice and easy. 20 minute strip no problem.
Josh, Elizabeth and Janis are here now, but Elizabeth and Nanny are headed home to get some sleep. Josh and I are going to get some dinner and then play some wii.

So just a long day of waiting around. Next NST is at 10:00.

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  1. sorry today was a long day for you. Glad Josh hung around for a bit to keep you company