Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 26 April 9th A Beautiful Morning!

NSTs at 9:30pm and 5:00am went well last night. A few minor contractions but nothing major. The babies are still active but not as active as they have been so lets hope they stay put for a while.

I talked with my doctor this morning. Everything still looks great! I did mentioned some cramping I've been having. It has mostly been when I'm in bed and moving from side to side. If it continues or gets worse then there is a test to determine preterm labor. I'm hoping it is not that but there is something I can take to help stop or slow it down. Of course if my water breaks then that is a whole different story. She has ordered a urine test to rule out some other possibilities.

We also talked more about breastfeeding and she is going to have a lactate specialist come and talk to me about pumping while the babies are in the NICU and the many types of breast pumps. I was told that most insurance companies will cover the cost of a pump if babies are premature or multiples so I'm going to work on figuring that out today.

So it looks like I'll be waiting around this morning for ultrasound. My next NST is at 11am.

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  1. Hi! It is a beautiful day! Wind coming right out of SE so our deck was too cool to have lunch on :( WOW! you got 7+ pages of scraping done yesterday! Hope the cramping is nothing serious....How did you make out w/ the insurance Co about the pump? Hope the 11:00 NST went well! XXOO TT