Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 39 Happy Earth Day! One week to go!

All my NST's went fine. I woke up at 5ish this morning and had my NST. I then fell back asleep and woke up at 7:15am which is like sleeping in for me.

It looks to be another wet day. Josh and Elizabeth have some errands to do today and then are stopping in later.

Not sure when I'll have ultrasound this morning. Wednesday's seem to be days I wait around for it. There are also 13 inpatients this morning so who knows when it will be my turn. My nurse has a nursing student this morning so I was asked if she could go with me to ultrasound. I don't have a problem with them coming with me. I have gotten a lot of attention by the nursing students with my situation.

My doctor has come in and already seen me this morning. She is going on vacation so this was the last time I'll see her until after the babies are born! We talked a little bit about next Tuesday night. I'll have an IV put in and dripping that night. I'll go up to triage at about 9:30am on Wednesday morning before my c-section. I was even told I can walk to the operating room. The NICU team will be in the operating room during the c-section. She said to make sure to bring a camera. I may even be able to see them before they are taken to NICU because I have already come so far and the babies weights look so good. She also said that Josh will be the only one in the NICU with the babies until all the testing and monitoring have been done.

We are looking forward to next Wednesday to meet our little girls! and to finally share their names other than baby A and baby B, Hannah Montana and Mylie Syrus, or Abigail and Brianna.

My next NST is at 11:00am.

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  1. I'm having goose bumps already! I'm glad everything is going so well and that the end is in sight! Looking forward to meeting Hannah and Mylie:)