Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 37 April 20th A busy day!

My NST at 11:00am took a while to get both babies monitored because they were wiggling around. They both looked great once they were on.

My friend Marcy came up and brought lunch from the Olive Garden! It was very yummy! She also brought two journals from my class which I absolutly love. We also did some scrapbooking together. I got a few more pages done.

Elizabeth and Josh came by about 4:00pm when Marcy was headed out. We attempted to do some geocaching within walking distance from the hospital. We found two of three. The one we couldn't find had numbers on a sign that we think might have been painted over recently so we were unable to do that one.

After my NST at 5:00pm that went well we got some dinner. Elizabeth didn't eat very much but was up for playing some Wii. We all played bowling and took turns playing tennis. Josh played a few more games and Elizabeth and I snuggled in a chair reading books together. She was very tired leaving today.

After talking with my doctor this afternoon I was given another pass to go out! So tomorrow if my ultrasound and 11:00am NST go well I'm going to the Circus with Elizabeth and Josh between my NST times.

My next NST is at 10:00pm.


  1. Have fun at the Circus! I remember those days well! Stay dry:)

  2. Greetings from the Caribbean...we are checking on you and letting you know that you are in our thoughts...hang in there.
    Love the Aunties and Uncles, The Greats

  3. Glad everything is still going well. We are in Pennsylvania and just visited Rick Rickards. Just a few more days to go for you. Wishing you well.
    Steve and Diana