Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 29 April 12th 4 weeks inpatient today

So it has been four weeks since I first became inpatient at the hospital. It really has gone by quickly. I have 17 more days until my c-section!

Today was a fun day with Josh and Elizabeth! She found her Easter basket and looked through it before I was taken to ultrasound. They both got an Easter surprise when baby A was put on 3D for them to see. Baby B was difficult because of her position It really was not the clearest today because Baby A had cords in her face but he did get to see them! When we came back to my room Elizabeth found hidden Easter eggs. We had lunch together then went outside to blow some bubbles! It was really chilly with the wind blowing.

My parents and grandfather stopped in for a visit this afternoon. I also had a former co-worker Betty stop in for a surprise visit! It was so nice to see everyone on this Easter Sunday!

All my NSTs looked great. I have my next NST at about 9:30-10 tonight.

I'll get woken up at midnight for my meds for the UTI. I'm hoping my results will be in for tomorrow to see if that really is what I have. If it isn't the UTI or something to do with my kidneys then I can get taken off the meds. I usually wake up at 5ish in the morning and will do another NST then meds at 6am and sleep a little bit longer before I get a call from my favorite two people heading to daycare and work!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great Easter! It doesn't seem possible that you have only 17 days left. Hope you have a good night's sleep! Thanks for keeping us posted on such a busy day!