Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 31 April 14th Good Night!

Janis, Josh and Elizabeth all arrived around the same time. It was a nice visit. Elizabeth and Janis left before dinner. Elizabeth is starting to get a head cold and was looking exhausted.

I asked about getting a pass to break free from the hospital for an hour or so from my doctor. As long as my next ultrasounds and NSTs continue to look good and my contractions are minimal I might be able to get out and go to the park with Josh and Elizabeth on Friday. It looks like it should be a nice afternoon out.

Josh and I took a short walk before dinner. After dinner we played some Wii. I'm getting better at tennis but still managed to lose.

Both NST's were easy and the babies looked great! My favorite nurse is on tonight! I just finished my 10pm NST and again things looked good. I did have only one contraction while on the monitor but it wasn't as bad as last nights.

Headed to bed and up early for my next NST. It usually is 5:00am or 5:30am. Sometimes after my NST I just lounge around and watch the news and other times I may fall asleep for a little bit. Usually the resident is in between 6:15am and 7:00am so it would be early regardless of my NST.

Anyways I'm headed to bed. I can't wait to post what the babies weights are!!!!

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