Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 27 April 10th Nighty night

Elizabeth and Josh came up this evening and we took a nice walk outside. It was a little chilly when the wind was blowing but nice when the sun was shinning.

My NST started a little bit earlier than 6pm but it took a while to get baby B on. She was busy moving away and pushing her sister again. When I was done with the NST Josh ordered dinner and went and got it.

I played some Wii while he went to get dinner. After dinner we played Wii together. They just left a little while ago and are headed home to go to bed. Elizabeth was a tired little girl. Lets hope she sleeps in tomorrow because she has a busy day with Katie, Ally and Lynn.

My doctor also came in and saw me this evening. We talked about the urine culture and she is going to treat me like I have an urinary track infection until the cultrue comes back. If it is negative then they'll take me off the antibiotics. She wants to treat it like one because if it is and isn't treated then we could have some other unsafe problems. So much for being negative yesterday.

Anyways my favorite night nurse was called in this evening so assignments got shifted and I have her as my nurse until 7am. I like it when that happens!

My next NST is at 10pm. Lets hope Baby B is sleeping and not bothering her sister who has been good on the monitors. I need some rest because it looks to be another busy weekend!

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