Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 35 April 18th Welcome the Weekend!

I had two great NST's over the night. I've been up since 5:30am. I saw one of the residents this morning and he said the same thing he usually says which is everything looks great!

A lot of the rooms are empty today. Several patients delivered yesterday on this floor includeing my friend that was having twins two doors down. She was only 27 weeks along. I hope everything went alright for her.

My ultrasound was at 7:30am this morning so I was the first to go. I guess that's the good thing when the floor doesn't have that many inpatients. Everything looked fine on ultrasound. Baby A was head down again on my left but kind of pushed in the middle taking up most of the room. Baby B was head up and slightly sideways in my ribs. It is going to be fun for NST's today unless they decide to move around a bit. Usually I don't say this but I hope Baby B decides to take a trip because I feel her right under my ribs.

So it looks like a busy weekend of visitors again. Donna should be here sometime this morning after her appointment and Tim, Amanda and Noah are coming down today! Josh and Elizabeth will be here later today. They are busy cleaning out a toy box this morning.

My next NST is at 11:00am.

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