Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 41 April 24th Cute Babies!!!

Big sister Elizabeth was able to meet her two new sisters. She thought they were so cute and she gave them both kisses on the incubator and also blew them kisses before she left for the night.

I was able to see the babies before going back down to my room after surgery. My first comment was they have dark hair. They have the same nose as Elizabeth but very different colored hair. Last night Josh and I went back up to see the babies before getting ready to go to bed. They were both on the breathing tubes and doing well. We were able to touch both of the babies in the incubator.

I got up a few times and feel good so far. Of course I'm still taking meds for the pain.

This morning we were up early for pain meds and pumping. I also had more blood drawn and my bandage taken off by my doctor. She said it looked good and gave me permission to take a shower!

We went up again to see the babies this morning. Emma and Hannah were both off the breath tubes. Emma is on the cpac and working hard to breath. Hannah was working hard to breath but graduated to another type of oxygen tube. She is one step closer to breathing room air. Both babies are going to get their first tube feeding today.

We are hoping to get pictures on later this afternoon.


  1. Make sure to get lots of rest. Glad they are doing well. Can't wait for pics.

    Thinking of you all,

  2. Glad things are going well! Hope to see you all soon.


  3. Congrats on two beautiful baby girls. So glad things went well. Take care, and enjoy! Love your blog!!

    The Keep Family