Monday, April 27, 2009

Josh changing Hannah's diaper. (Look at the concentration!!)
Josh still changing Hannah's diaper....

Me taking Emma's temperature.

Holding Emma for the first time.

We had a great day in the NICU today. I got to hold Emma for the first time for about 30 minutes. She seemed so content in my arms. (See picture.) Josh and I also got to change diapers and take temperatures today too. Josh changed Hannah's twice and I did Emma's twice. We learned a little bit more about the NICU today and learned the 3 goals for the girls before they can graduate to the Continuing Care Unit: breathing on their own, eating on their own, and gaining weight. So it all depends on how quickly they accompish these goals before we move onto the next step. Hannah was also put under the bright lights to help with her jaundice. She looks like a little raccoon with her protective eye wear.
We left the NICU around 3:30 and Josh said he had to stop at the Mall to pick up something for Elizabeth's birthday. He returned with a bag from Kay's and a beautiful mother's ring. I was quite surprised. It has the 3 birthstones of the girls and it fit perfictly. I have such a wonderful husband. We got home and had dinner which was made for us by a friend. (Thank you Rachel!) Elizabeth and Josh played outside for a little while, and then she went to bed. It was a good day!!


  1. They are just so cute, and I love the pic of you holding Emma. You both look so content. Thanks for keeping us posted. I hope they just fly through the steps.

    What a beautiful gift. You do have a wonderful husband. Get some rest

  2. The girls are just beautiful. Congratulations! Thank you so much for the detailed updates. What an emotional time for all of you. Know that Hannah and Emma and all of you continue to be in my prayers. Hugs and kisses from Aunt Rochelle and Uncle Rick. (You got me going with the mother's ring Josh - nice move!!)

  3. What an amazing husband and an amazing wife!! You guys make such a great team!! Those three little girsl are so blessed to have the two of you!

    So glad Hannah & Emma are doing well and that you are able to do some of the "normal" things with them (although, I am sure diaper duty is not one of the things that were high on your list!) =)

    Anxious to hear more tomorrow!!


  4. Oh my gosh! after a box of tissues maybe I can write this!! Welcome home Susan!! What a mix of emotions it must be for you! But know the Elizabeth is enjoying Mommy by herself for a a little longer! & Emma & Hannah are in the best spot possible for now!Susan you will have your strength back when they get home, too!! Josh you are amazing!! The signs, The RING!! You have 4 lucky gals there!! The pic of you changijng diapers looks like "where do I put these BIG hands of mine??!!" LOL Loving all the updates & pics!!! Thanks for taking the time to do it!! Lots of Love, TT & BA

  5. So Susan I'm guessing that your mother's ring has the same stones as mine, just one and emerald!!!must be beautiful just like your girls. Josh, what a special gift at such a special time in your lives. Love the pics and yes, thanks for keeping us all close through this means a lot to us all. Love you all, Aunt Julie