Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 21 April 4th Late night

Patty and Josh came to visit me at the same time today. Thank you Patty for the nice treats!

My NST at 5 tonight went very well. Josh and I had dinner and then watched a movie together.

So last night my night nurse said something about Baby Bs cord had a notch in it. I had no idea what she was talking about so when my specialist doctor came in I asked about it. She said it was nothing to worry about because both babies are very active and my strips have looked great. She mentioned that the cord reading may have been close to a knot and wasn't able to get a good reading. She said they would be concerned if it was happening daily, the babies were not moving around as often and my strips looked bad. When my other doctor came in I ended up asking her about it and she basically said the same thing. My specialist also said that if there was anything that was concerning she would come and see me right away. So I was okay with that but of course I'm always going to be asking every ultrasound about the notching.

My next NST is at 10pm. Tomorrow is another busy day with visitors. Elizabeth will be back home tomorrow!!

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