Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 33 April 16th A Very Busy Floor Here

My NST last night happened at about 10:30. The babies were great then and looked good too!!!

I was up several times during the night. There was a party in the womb at 2:00am. At 4:30am I decided to do my NST because I was up and the babies then were very quiet. The NST went well. Leslie found the babies easily. They were a little off their marks. Not that is surprised me since I'm pretty sure I was feeling a back and not legs and feet high on my belly when they were both head down.

So the first floor here is completely full with 14 patients. Leslie said they even have someone in the closet room. It really isn't a closet but I guess it is a small room. It also didn't seem likely that anyone was going to be discharged today either. From the sounds of things there are a bunch of patients that are here for the duration of their pregnancy. Only 13 more days for me!!!

Who knows what time my ultrasound will be today. Usually when it has been really busy here in the evening my ultrasound is often later. My next NST is at 11ish today.

I met up with Dr Whitely this morning and I officially have a pass to leave tomorrow!!!! YEAH!!!
Although if there are any changes in my ultrasound then I can't go out but I'm thinking things are going to be just fine!

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  1. Glad you'll get a little time off from the hospital! Enjoy your freedom!