Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 31 April 14th A long NST

Lets just say it was a great night until NST. I miss Leslie my night nurse. It is so difficult having so many different people at night. The nurse last night was an hour trying to get them on and of course don't listen to the mother. Why are some nurses so stubborn to listen. She was getting the same heartbeat for both babies and I knew it was the same baby but she was determined it wasn't. Then when she decided it was she was messing with Baby A which I knew it was Baby B that needed to be moved. Lets just say once she finally did listen that Baby B was way farther to the left guess what she found? Baby B's heartbeat. Just frustrating.

Anyways thank goodness at my 5am NST I just put my finger at where they had been earlier and luckily for me they were there and I was only on for 20 minutes.

I guess there is another women having twins that is only like 26 weeks along and they are all having a difficult time monitoring her babies. I feel for her because I know what it is like to try for 2hours to get two heartbeats. Then to have a determined nurse to be in the wrong spot to look for it and not listen to you makes it frustrating.

Anyways I'm hoping I have Betty for my nurse today. I've been her having her during the days when another day nurse isn't here. Another nurse I"m not crazy about is usually her on Tuesday's and Wednesday's but she drives me a little bit crazy so I'm hoping not to have her. Awful of me to say I know but there are some nurses that just know these babies better than others.

So now I'll be waiting for ultrasound sometime this morning and my next NST should be at 11am. Lets hope it stays this way so that when Josh and Elizabeth get here I'll be on at 5:00pm instead of 6:00pm so I can have dinner with my two loves.

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