Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28th A Great Day in NICU!!!

We got up to the hospital before rounds were done. We were happy and surprised to see both girls were of the c-pap and on room air. They are still in their incubators and we didn't take them out because we didnt want to disrupt them and make them stressed being off the c-pap for the first time.

Hannah was getting ready for her change and feeding. I changed her and took her temperature. Margo the girls nurse was showing me how to put her on her belly from being on her back. It was more difficult than it looked. They make everything look so easy.

Both girls looked good during rounds and continue to make progress. Emma was looking better today and they didn't think the light was necessary for her. Hannah was taken off the lights today and was looking very good.

Josh changed Emma and took her temperature today. We stayed in Emma's room and visited Hannah. Tomorrow we'll switch and stay in Hannah's room tomorrow. It is hard being in two different rooms so we are rotating day to day where we drop our things and pump in.

Patty one of my coworkers was at the hospital today for her moms surgery and stopped in. She was able to come up and see the girls for a short time.

I got all my things together to go to Black Bear Medical supply to get my new breast pump before leaving Portland. When we got there they had to call the insurance and verify everything. We were then told that we had to wait a least a week because it needed to be preauthorized. My emotions and hormones got the best of me because I had my first meltdown. I was not upset with the guy telling me. I was just tired of jumping through all these stupid hoops to get my insurance to pay for something they told me they would. Of course my fabulous husband came to the rescue. He called the insurance company himself and wanted to know why I had to wait when I clearly have all the paperwork they asked for, both babies are in the NICU and will be for a while and I have already been discharged from the hospital. After an hour of all the hassel Josh was able to go in and walk out with my breast pump. He looked pretty cute carrying out a breast pump!!

We finally started a registry at Babies "R" Us today. We also plan to do one at Target by the end of the week with some help from big sister Elizabeth.



  1. They are so cute!!! Glad they are doing so well. They will be home before you know it.

    I think you are entitled to a meltdown. Ins. companies suck!! Make sure you are getting some rest when you can

  2. Great news with the girls making all these "big" steps towards going home: )) & YES! you are intitled to the meltdown! These "people" @ the Ins Co's should have to go thru what some of us have & see just how hard it is w/out them making it harder!!!Proud of you Josh!!! Hannah's pic didn't come thru!?? : (( Good to really see Emma's face w/out the tube(s)! Beautiful!! Why are they in seperate rooms?.....Take care you two!! Lots of Love, TT & BA

  3. Happy One Week Birthday Girls!!!!

    Susan and Josh - they have come so far in just one week. They are strong girls.

    Susan, you need to take care of you and rest!!!! Your going to be a busy girl when they come home! Your husband sounds like such a wonderful man!!!

    Have a good day
    L LaBrecque

  4. Way to go,Josh! Emma and Hannah are just beautiful! They'll be out of NICU before you know it!


  5. You are quite a family. Great job Josh,putting those ins. people in their places. Those little girls are tough. Sending my love to all, Aunt Liz.