Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 22 April 5th A fun afternoon with visitors!

I had my 11am NST which went fine. My doctor also stopped in and said things still look great.

Josh brought me lunch from Arby's! It's always nice to have a change in meals. Even if they might not be the best food to be eating. We took a walk and went outside. What a beautiful day! On our way back to my room we ran into Elizabeth and Nanny. Elizabeth was wearing a new Hannah Montana T-shirt (thank you Lukie) and cute bunny ears. She also gave me a palm for Palm Sunday!

Elizabeth and Nanny stopped for sandwiches at Subway for lunch and brought them up to eat. Shortly after the Keeps stopped in before heading back home. They have a new grandson that was born yesterday at this hospital!

Marcy, Niki, Francine, and Jenn stopped in for a visit. They are friends from work. We had a fun visit. Elizabeth was being very silly with Francine. Josh, Janis and Elizabeth went upstairs to visit baby Owen while I visited with my company.

Now I'm waiting for my next NST at 5ish. I have a new nurse who usually works on a different floor. Lets hope she knows how to use the machine.

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