Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 32 April 15th A nice evening!

My 5:00pm ultrasound was okay. I needed to be monitored longer because Baby A was having lots of accelerations. This means her heart rate was very high. At times she was 180-194. Luckily my doctor happened to come in and she was okay with it because she was moving around so much and she did drop to baseline several times even though she did become very high in accelerations.

So it looks like I'll get a pass out Friday afternoon for a couple hours. Although the girls still need to cooperate the next two days on ultrasound and NST.

Josh and I had a great evening together. We ordered Pizza for dinner and had it delivered from Papa Johns. After dinner we played some Wii. I wasn't able to beat Josh in tennis but I did beat him in a round of bowling!

So my next NST is about 10 tonight before bed. I plan to heat up my back while playing some more video games on Josh's PSP before Lost!


  1. Just catching up on events. Sounds like all is going well. Think of you often. Those girls sound like they are holding their own! Can't wait to meet them!
    Steve and Diana

  2. Enjoy your time out!! You must be getting a bit stir crazy