Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 26 April 9th A busy afternoon

Ok so I know some of you have been waiting for an afternoon post. I was busy this afternoon and have finally taken a minute to write.

So I had my back done earlier. It felt good then but now I'm all tight again. I used some heat a little while ago and did some stretching.

My NST at 11:00am went well. The babies looked great.

I also took a urine test to see if there was anything going on regarding the cramping. I have not heard anything back yet. I'm hoping that no news is good news.

I called my insurance company and got some good news that they will cover the pump. I will need to have a note from my doctor saying my condition and mention that I will be apart from the babies. I also have to go through a supplier they recommend to get it paid for 100%.

I also met one of the lactation consultants. We talked about the breast pumps and breast feeding premature twins. She recommended renting one of the industrial pumps here first because they are better than the pumps you can buy. I guess this will help my supply come in and make it easier with me pumping 8-10 times a day minimum.

Josh and Elizabeth will be here soon for a short time. They are coming for dinner then headed over to the Civic Center to see Disney's Playhouse.

My next NST is at 5:00pm.

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  1. Thanks for the updates!!! Hope things continue to go well:)