Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 31 April 14th A good ultrasound

Overall a great morning. I had my ultrasound early and things looked great. They were not the most active things during ultrasound like they typically are so it made some things easier. Of course we did need to wake them and shake them to get them active to pass the ultrasound today. They eventually did and of course once I got back to my room I had two busy babies. Growth ultrasound tomorrow! I'm guessing they are close to the 4 pound mark! My belly has grown a lot in two weeks so I wouldn't be surprised if one of them was at the 4 pound mark.

I had some therapy on my back which felt great!

My NST at 11:00am went well. The babies were easy to monitor which was very helpful.

I met the other person on the floor having the twins that have been difficult to monitor. I told her it gets easier once they get bigger. Even thought there are days when mine are so busy moving all around that we have to tie them down.

Janis is coming down for the night or maybe two. Josh and Elizabeth will be here after work later.

Oh and I got my picture take with the nurses for some nurse thing the birthing center is doing. They didn't get my face just my belly with the two nurses doing monitoring.

My next NST is at 5:00pm.


  1. Glad things were a little easier today. Hope your 5:00 NST is a breeze! Can't wait to hear how much they weigh! Take care.


  2. Hi Sweetie! Glad all is still good!! I've been checking, just haven't had time to leave the note when I've been on! Can't believe that the girls might be at 4lbs!! How exciting!! Hope you have a good visit w/ J,J & E !! Sounded like a fun photo session!! Tae care & hope you have a good night sleep!! XXOO TT

  3. Sorry about last night!! Must be so frustrating. Glad all the babies are doing well. How about a pic of you again???? Where are you putting them???