Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 37 April 20th 9 More Days!

All my NST's went great. They both stayed on and was easy to monitor.

I had my back worked on this morning. I guess I was not as tights as I thought I was.

My ultrasound this morning went great. Both babies were very active and doing practice breathing easily. The ultrasound tec. looked very closely at the cords today. They looked great. She said they were very free flowing and she didn't see any knots but there were lots of places were the cords crossed over. So very good news. There have been a few ultrasound were they were a big mass of cords.

Elizabeth is feeling better today. They are coming over later this afternoon. Marcy is coming up today too for a visit.

My next NST is at 11:00am.

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