Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 22 April 5th 3 weeks inpatient!

Only 24 more days to go!!!

My evening and morning NST's went well. The babies were cooperative again! I also had an early morning ultrasound. Both babies were very sleepy and not as active but I had only been up a short time and I had not had breakfast yet. Baby A decided she would wait until that last minute to do some full practice breathing. Baby B was doing the showing off today. They both passed again today.

It looks like another busy day with visitors. Josh is headed up after church and grocery shopping, Elizabeth and Nanny will be here later this afternoon and a visit from some co-workers was also planned for today.

My next NST is at 11ish today.

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  1. The countdown is on! Enjoy a busy day. I am sure it must make the time go faster.