Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 17 March 31st Good Night!

I had my last NST of the night and the girls decided to get a little active. My favorite nurse was on tonight and they must have known because as soon as she would leave the room one of them would disappear. When she came to the room and was talking to them they went back on. Silly little girls.

My next NST is when ever I decide to get up. That is usually about 6am.

I'm excited for tomorrows growth scan!!!!

Day 17 March 31st More good news!

Another day of great NST's. I talked with my doctor again about my c-section day and it looks like it is going to be the 29th of April!!! I'm not sure of the time but she said it would most likely be in the morning.

I got several pages done for Elizabeth's scrapbook. I'm hoping to get some more done tomorrow.

Tomorrow is our growth scan for the babies. We are hoping they are both over 3 pounds now.

I also fixed the Days because I noticed I had the wrong number day yesterday. Sorry if I confused anyone.

Day 17 March 31st Good Morning!

I had a great NST last night and slept well. My NST at 6 was great. The babies stayed on the monitors and looked great!

The prenatal unit was very busy last night. There is only one room available on the floor.

I had my ultrasound at 9am today and things looked great. I got to see them in 3D again! Baby A was opening and closing her mouth. She had her sisters leg and in her face along with cord. Baby B was harder to see because there wasn't a lot of fluid around her face. They look so much like their big sister when she was born.

My next NST is around noon today. I'm working on some scrapbook pages again today.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 16 March 30th A good Surprise!

I got some scrapbooking done today!!! It wasn't Disney though. I need some stuff I left at home to finish that album. Now I'm working on the past year.

So I was surprised with a Wii this evening from Josh and Elizabeth. Elizabeth played boxing, tennis, and bowling this evening. I only played the bowling game. Josh brought it home to use it tomorrow night. He has parent teacher meetings tomorrow after school and isn't coming up. He will be up Wednesday night.

My NST at 6 was good tonight. Now I'm waiting to do one at 10pm then I can sleep until 6am!!!!

Day 16 March 30th Another great afternoon!

My ultrasound went well today. My NST at noon was very easy. Lets just hope they continue like this.

I saw my doctor this morning and we talked about the monitoring changing. She is doing every 6 hours while I'm awake. If there are any drops in either babies hear rates then we will change the monitoring. I'm fine with that.

I had therapy for my back today. I was told I was in rough shape. My hip, mid back, and neck were all off.

I've been working on some scrapbooking pages. Now I'm taking a break for a little cat nap before Josh and Elizabeth come for dinner.

Day 16 March 30th Great NST's over night!

I had an NST at 9 last night, 12am, and 6am. All went very well. I think it was the easiest night of monitoring.

The resident doctor came in already this morning and said things looked great!

I'll be waiting for an ultrasound this morning and then another NST at noon today. I also have therapy for my back this morning.

One month to go when we make it to 34 weeks!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 15 March 29th A fun filled day!

Josh and Elizabeth made it up for breakfast! We then had Katie, Jamie and Isaac visit us this morning. I had an NST at 10 which was very good and easy. After out guests had left we borrowed the movie Happy Feet and began to watch it until my ultrasound.

The ultrasound looked great. They both were doing the practice breathing right off. Baby A and Baby B decided to switch sides again. Very busy girls!

There has been talk of changing my monitoring to every 8 hours but I'm not sure I want to do that. They are trying to get me to have time to sleep at night instead of being woken up to monitor. They are going to talk to my doctor tomorrow about changing it. I also plan on talking to my doctor regarding changing the times.

After Josh left I pulled out some scrapbooking stuff to work on. My friend Marcy showed up shortly after and we did some scrapbooking together. So far I have five pages done!

My next NST is at 10pm and then I think we are doing 12am and 6am. Lets hope they cooperate!

Some new pictures

Elizabeth (in her p.j.s)and Mommy

8 Days later
Elizabeth's first visitor, Isaac

Day 15 March 29th A morning of waiting.

My NST at 9:45 went perfect last night. I can't say the same for 3:30 this morning though. They are not morning girls. I'm starting to think that they just want to be left alone in the early morning. I can't say I blame them. They eventually settled down to get a small strip. It took a while for me to fall back asleep but once I did I didn't wake up until 7.

Josh and Elizabeth are on their way. Jamie, Katie and Isaac are also coming up for a visit this morning. Later this afternoon Marcy is coming up to do some scrapbooking. I can't wait. I have only done one day of scraping since being here.

I'm still waiting for ultrasound and NST this morning. The morning waiting game. My doctor came early today and has already seen me. She was happy with the strips and ultrasound however when there are any decels they are now going to be called. I've only had a few but I guess since the cords are so tangled and I'm almost 30 weeks lots can happen very quickly.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 14 March 28th A good Day!

I had my ultrasound at 9am and then NST this morning. They looked fine in ultrasound but were stubborn to do practice breathing. The NST was easy this morning and both babies did great.

My friend Donna was here as I was finishing up the NST. She brought a cute soft Easter bunny with some peanut butter cups. Yum. Thanks Donna! Elizabeth loved him and the Skittles.

I took a nap until lunch time and then showered. I had some therapy for my back and learned some new stretches. Lets hope they help.

Josh and Elizabeth came by around 3:30. I had an NST at 4:00 and then we took a walk around. We had dinner together and then they went to the Pirates game. Elizabeth seemed tired so I'm not sure they will be there that long tonight. They are planning on coming up for breakfast tomorrow and leaving around noon to get ready for the week.

My next NST is at 10pm and 4am. Lets hope for a better 4am NST so I can get back to sleep.

Day 14 March 28th Early Morning

Long 2am NST. They were both on the monitor and moving all over until one of the babies decided to move and then we couldn't locate her heart rate. My heart rate would show up and then we would pick up the other heart rate. By 3am the resident was called to bring the ultrasound. When she got there she could see why we were unable to get a good reading. That baby was in the middle of my belly and facing her sister. We tried several more times to get a rate but again it would get mine or the other babies heart rate. The resident checked several times and the heart rate was normal so she wasn't worried about the strip.

I went back to sleep and then was up at 6:45. I'm now waiting for ultrasound and have an NST at 9am. I'm hoping it will be a quick strip because Donna is visiting this morning. She tried last weekend but it was a crazy Saturday with the girls.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 13 March 27th Time for bed!

I had a great afternoon. I had a visit from a former co-worker. Thanks for the yummy Haven's Candy Joy! I also talked to my mom for a while this afternoon.

I had my NST early at 2pm because of the NST at 10am was not a full 20 minute strip and the heart rates were low. They both stayed on easily at 2pm.

Josh and Elizabeth came over and we took a walk outside to enjoy the Spring air. We also ate dinner together and then they went over to the track meet. They'll be back tomorrow afternoon!

I talked with my specialist earlier and she thinks the heart rate drop earlier may have been a delay in mine because they were so close. At the 2pm NST one of the babies heart rate was 145-210. I thought over 200 was very high but she was very happy with it and said she would be concerned if the babies were not active and it was 210 for several minutes.

My other doctor stopped in around 7:45pm to check in on me. I told her I went for a walk outside and she said I should go for a walk tomorrow because it is going to be a nicer day. We also talked about the cords and she said we can take a picture of the cords after the babies are born.

I just finished my 8pm NST and the girls looked great! My next NST will be about 2ish. They have two patients on this floor on 24 hour monitoring so if there are problems I might be a little bit later.

Good Night!!!!

Day 13th Baby B causing trouble

My NST today at 10am was very good to start. Baby B decided to move around and sit on her cord. She had a heart rate of 100-120. They had me roll on my side to see if she would change her position. She did end up moving off her cord and went back to 145. They called down to ultrasound because I didn't have my morning ultrasound yet. I went right down to ultrasound and everything looked great. They both were doing practice breathing without any assistance today.

Day 13 March 27th It's Friday!

Last nights NST at 9:45 was okay. Both babies were very active and hard to keep on the monitor. I had some thin mint cookies around 7:30pm so I don't think I'll have that snack in the evenings. They must like girls scout cookies! Even though they were busy girls we had a good strip.

My favorite night nurse left at 11pm last night so I was nervous about my morning NST. It turned out very good at 4am this morning. They were very cooperative!

I fell back asleep and was up at 6:45. I think that is the latest I've slept here. My morning Dr. came in to see me and said everything looked good overnight!

Hoping to have another great day!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 12 March 26th Another good day!

I had a volunteer visit me this afternoon to take a survey about the staff here, food, and so on. She also gave me two bibs to cross stitch.

I wasn't able to finish my first cross stitch because I didn't have the matching color like I thought. It looks like I'll have Josh run into the craft store to find it at some point. I started my second cross stitch and got about a third of it done.

I also watched a video this afternoon about c-section. SCARY. The thought of getting something in my back to numb me from my chest down to my toes is a little bit scary. Anyone know how long the numbness lasts?

Josh was here about 3:45 today and I still had not had my NST. It sounded like a lot was happening on this floor at that time. Elizabeth and Janis came shortly after. My nurse also came in shortly after that with a nursing student to hook me up for the NST. It was a very easy NST. The babies must have know Nanny was here. If only they were all that easy.

After my NST we took a walk around and did go outside for a short time. We also walked Janis down to her car to move over things from Elizabeth's stay. We then went back to my room and got dinner. Josh and Elizabeth left shortly after 6pm to get Elizabeth ready for bed. It is going to be an early morning for her and a busy one for Josh. Good thing it is a Friday!

I talked with my good friend Marcy for a while and did some searching online.

My nurse checked in on me to find out how the babies were doing today. My night nurse has so far been my favorite since being here. She seems to have a way with these girls and has had good luck keeping them on the monitor. I'm now waiting for my last NST of the day. It should be between 9:30 and 10:00. Then I can sleep!

Day 12 March 26th Ultrasound/NST

The doctor was in and checked on me. He was happy with the NST's from last night and the 5am one. I took a little nap then talked with Josh on his way to work.

I was working on my cross stitch when my ultrasound tec. popped in and asked if I was ready. She was at least an hour early because there was not an amnio this morning. Both babies looked great. Baby A was having a difficult time practice breathing though. They gave her a little shock noise to get her to do it. They also decided to change places again. Baby A was on the left head down and Baby B was on the right side and breech. My specialist Dr came in during my ultrasound and asked for a look at the cords. Oh boy are they a tangled mess. It is amazing they have done so well. I'm very thankful that their heart rates and bloodflow through the cords have looked good at every ultrasound especially with all those knots.

Elizabeth will be here this afternoon! We are going to take a walk and enjoy the nice weather outside!

My next NST is at 3:30 today.

Day 12 March 26th A good night of sleep!

My 9:30 NST went well. The typical overnight nurse is back and I like her a lot. She makes the NST easy and seems to just know where they are. Must be all her experience. I also had an NST at 5:30am and baby B was climbing into my back which made it difficult to monitor but we could hear the heart beat and it sounded just fine.

Now I'm waiting for the Dr to come in and check me and maybe a little cat nap before breakfast and ultrasound.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 11 March 25th Good Evening!

My 4pm NST was about an hour long. Some nurses are stubborn and don't want to call a doctor to get the portable ultrasound. It makes me so frustrated. Then on top of that they have new machines here for NSTs and it seems like only a few know how to use them correctly. I could get myself on if they would let me.

Anyways Josh came over after work and waited around while I had my NST. We then went for a walk before Kim and the girls showed up. They were here for about an hour to visit. When I got back to my room I got my IV out. I was very excited for that to be gone!

Josh and I had pasta and meatballs from Amatos for dinner. It's nice to have a change of meals.

Elizabeth called and we said good night to her. She had a busy day with Uncle Travis from what I heard. Tomorrow she comes back from Ellsworth with Nanny. I can't wait to see her and show her some new ultrasound pictures of the babies. I'm also hoping to get outside tomorrow to enjoy the weather.

Day 11 March 25th Great Afternoon!

I had a busy afternoon with visitors today. Two former coworkers stopped in for a little bit and my friend Sasha. It was nice to see them all and catch up. I'm now waiting for a call from my Aunt Laurie. She called earlier when I had visitors and said she would call back around 3.

My doctor also came in to see me and said things look well and she was happy with everything. She also reminded me I am able to walk around and go outside for some fresh air.

I'm still working on my cross stitch project. I didn't count correctly and needed to take some of it apart to fix it. I'm now on a roll so I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow! Sorry everyone I'm not putting the names on them until they are born. They are still a secret.

Day 11 March 25th A good morning!

The doctor was in at 6:30am and said everything looked great over the night. He was not concerned with the big dip in heart rate because it came back up quickly. I also had some manipulation this morning before my ultrasound. The ultrasound went well. Baby A this time was taking a while to do some good movements. I think she was just giving me a break from all the moving and kicking earlier this morning. My NST went well at 9:30. Both babies looked great! My next NST is at 4pm.

Day 11 March 25th 29 Weeks today!!!

We are officially 29 weeks today!!!!

Last night my 10pm NST gave my heart a jump start. Baby B had a major drop in her heart rate from 140 to 60. She did go back up to 140 in a short amount of time with no other dips so there were no concerns. I was up at 5 so I asked for another monitoring since it had been 7 hours. That NST was perfect the whole monitoring with both babies!

Now I'm waiting for the doctor to come. He is usually here about 6:30ish. Another ultrasound this morning and more NSTs today.

I'm also hoping to get my IV out today if not tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 10 March 24th 10 weeks ago today

10 weeks ago today we found out we were having twins and how risky and dangerous this type of twin pregnancy was. We were told the chances or survival was about 50% for both babies. Tomorrow we will be 29 weeks and we are very positive that things will turn out the way they are suppose to! When we first found out about the twins I was just hoping to get to 24 weeks and then when we got there 30 weeks has been my goal. That is a week away tomorrow and then 4 weeks longer would be even better.

The hospital stay has not been that bad. Most of the nurses are very nice and helpful. The food is getting boring though. It is the same menu from day to day with some daily specials. Tonight they had a therapy dog here. Josh and I saw him before he left to go home to do my laundry. I think Elizabeth would have loved the therapy dog.

Elizabeth called a short time ago and I said good night to her. It sounds like she is having fun with Nanny and Grampy. She also saw her cousin Noah today. Tomorrow she is spending time with her Uncle Travis. It doesn't sound like she is missing home. I guess that is a good thing.

My last NST at 4 went well. We got 20 minutes of a strip in 30 minutes. Of course I had two nurses on me holding the pads. They had moved around slightly but we eventually got two babies. My next NST is at 10 tonight and I'm hoping to sleep until 6am tomorrow morning that is unless I wake up around 4am and want to have an NST.

Day 10 March 24th Change in my plan of care.

So after waiting for the doctor to come put the babies on the portable ultrasound the nurse told me that my specialist doctor said not to worry about it and has changed my monitoring a little bit. We are going to do every 6 hours while I'm awake so I won't be woken up in the morning for monitoring. If anything changes with my ultrasound or NST we will again change the monitoring of the babies. So it looks like my next NST is at 4pm today and then 10pm before I go to bed. If I wake up in them middle of the night around 4am I can call the nurse or wait until vitals at 6am. So it looks like I'm going to try to take a shower and get a nap in before Josh comes up this evening.

Day 10 March 24th Morning Ultrasound/NST

Ultrasound looked good. They were both head down but moving around like crazy. I went back to my room for NST which started off great. I got about 10 minutes on the strip and then they decided to change their positions and were off and on the monitor. After an hour the resident upstairs was called to come find them on the portable ultrasound. I'm still waiting for it. I've been working on the babies cross stitch while I wait for the doctor. I'm half done the first one!

I'm not sure I've mentioned it on the blog but I did get another dose of steroids yesterday at 2pm and again at 2am this morning. Hopefully it will work like I've been told. Both babies were practicing their breathing in ultrasound this morning but it is too soon to really notice a difference yet.

Day 10 March 24th Morning NST's

I have had 3 NST's over night. The first one they monitored a 40 minute strip because one of the babies was all over the place with it's heartbeat. My 2am was very easy so I got about 4 hours of sleep. I did my last NST at 6:30am and that was a joke. Both babies were moving so much we couldn't get them on the monitor. My morning doctor came in with the ultrasound and found them. Of course they were moving all around and very difficult to get a strip for even 5 minutes. After over 30 minutes of trying to get them on with ultrasound my doctor decided to give them a break to settle down and we will try it again in a little bit. Luckly both babies heartrates looked fine at that moment so he was not worried.

So this morning I have another NST when the babies decide to take a break and then another full ultrasound and another NST.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 9 March 23rd Good Night

A great evening with Josh! My NST was quick and easy at 6pm now lets hope my 10pm is just as easy. Elizabeth called us and said goodnight. It sounds like she had a great day with Nanny but didn't want any part in the pool at the YMCA. Lets hope to have another uneventful day tomorrow!

Day 9 March 23rd Afternoon monitoring

So I saw my specialist doctor and she suggested I continue with 4 hour monitoring and use the portable ultrasound machine by a resident if we can't get the babies on at a reasonable time. She also suggestd that I get another dose of steroids. At first I was against two doses but both babies are not always doing their practice breathing and with the scare we had on Saturday I would rather be safe than sorry.

My 2pm monitoring was sooooo long. After 30 minutes or so of not getting baby B on they called the tec. to find the best place to get the heart. One of the babies was laying on top of the other which was making it difficult to monitor. After another 30 minutes of only getting about 5 minutes on a strip the nurse called my specialist to see what she wanted them to do. I had a nurse stradling me to get both babies with no luck. Baby A stayed on most of the time but was moving around. One of the doctors came in with the portable ultrasound and looked at the babies to make sure they looked okay. They both looked fine so he was okay with the NST.

I finally took a shower about 3ish and now getting ready to rest before Josh comes up for dinner. My next NST is at 6pm.

Day 9 March 23rd Good ultrasound

I had some manipulation this morning and was put back in place. I also had my ultrasound and the babies changed sides like I thought. One is head down the other head up. They both had their legs stretch out straight.

I'm waiting for two more doctor visits today and an NST at 2 this afternoon. I'm going to try and take a little nap before lunch and my next test.

Day 9 March 23rd Early Morning

Thanks for all the nice comments. It's nice to hear how many people are praying and thinking of all of us.

Last night was quiet not having Elizabeth here. I was playing a Find It game Marcy brought it for me to borrow and Josh graded some papers. We had dinner together after my NST and then watched the basketball games finish up before he headed for home to get some needed rest from this crazy weekend.

So far my 6pm, 10pm and 2am NST's have all looked good. I have had a few contractions but they say it is fine just as long as they are not coming very often. When I got up for the 2am NST the babies were changing sides again. They haven't figured it out that they need to stay on their own side of the bed. Last night they were laying across my belly and we were joking they were deciding who would get the top bunk. They are busy girls already!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 8 March 22nd Good Afternoon

It has been an uneventful afternoon. Josh is here visiting. Elizabeth, Janis, and Tom came to visit before they went home. Elizabeth is going up to Ellsworth with Nanny and Grampy for a few days. This will be helpful for Josh in the mornings. It will also help ease my mind a bit. My friends Niki and Marcy stopped in for a bit today also. It was fun catching up with them.

My NST went well at 2. My next one is at 6 tonight.

Day 8 March 22nd Long Night

After two good NSTs last night my 4:30am took a little while to get the girls on. The nurse tried for 45 minutes but was only getting one heartbeat. She eventually called the resident to find them on the ultrasound. Of course the babies were moving all around. They were facing each other laying across my belly making it a challenge to monitor. We eventually got them on but I had two nurses holding on to get 20 minutes of strip.

My ultrasoud went well this morning. YEAH!!! They are both head down facing each other. In the ultrasound they were hugging. Very cute. By the end of it one of the babies had her legs wrapped around the other still hugging. How amazing!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 7 March 21st Better afternoon

So after some morning drama things have calmed down. I had a pretty good NST at 4 and even had a former midwife as my RN in the labor and delivery floor. What a small world! Anyway I did some walking around with Josh and then Elizabeth came with Nanny and Grampy. They left around 6 for some dinner before going to the Pirates game. I also sent Josh to the game because I figured he is only down the street if anything should happen at my next NST at 8. I've had dinner and now I'm waiting for my next NST. Wish me luck!

Day 7 March 21st Morning Scare

Ok so we knew things were not always going to be easy and we experienced this, this morning. I was up at 6am for vitals and doctor visit then at 7:30 I was brought down for my daily ultrasound. In ultrasound the babies were not as active as they typically have been but I didn't think about it to much because it was earlier and I had not had breakfast yet. Well the babies decided to switch sides again which I figured they might have done from all the movement last night. Baby A had a heart rate of only 90 and did not go up so the tec. called down to the nurses to get me on the monitor. I walked down to my room and was attacked by everyone. They quickly got me set up on the monitor, put an IV in, stripped me down and put a jonny on. One of the doctors came in with the ultrasound machine to keep tabs on the girls. They were both fairly low heart rates by then. They got another bed and transported me upstairs to the labor and delivery floor.
Oh and with all of this happening I asked if someone could please call my husband. He was here very quickly because he was told over the phone that I was having the babies today. Not the case yet.
My doctor and the doctor in the unit were all working to get the babies hooked back up to the monitors once I was brought upstairs. I was on the monitors for about 3 hours. I had another bioprofile of the babies and was given the ok to eat lunch. So know I'm waiting for lunch and more monitoring soon.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 6 March 20th continued

A great afternoon with Janis. We both got some scrapbooking done before Josh and Elizabeth arrived. After spending some time with Elizabeth she left with Nanny to get dinner and go shopping. Josh and I had dinner together and watched Madagascar. The babies were very busy moving before my nightly NST. It worked out that they stayed on the monitors and hardly moved during NST.
Josh was surprised at work today. His coworkers gave him a pre-babyshower. They gave him some gift certificates for area resteraunts, which we used one tonight.

Day 6 March 20th

My ultrasound and NST went well again this morning. I had manipulation again which felt great. I've been working on my scrapbook with Janis today. This is the first time I've touched any of it since being here. So far I've got 3 pages done! Elizabeth and Josh will be here after work and daycare!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 5 March 19th continued

After watching some basketball and doing a little bit of reading I had some visitors. My in-laws and Josh's Papa stopped in to see me. On the way out of the unit we poked into the resource room here at the hospital. The women was very nice and told me about a class being offered this evening about making your own baby foods. I signed up and then continued to walk them down the hallway.
On my way back to the room I stopped and talked to my nurse. They are all really nice around here.
I talked with Josh on the phone, ate dinner, and then the NICU doctor came back to finish talking with me. He was very nice and very optomistic about how well they will do since I've had steroids and they have been doing so well on their tests. He went through what will happen in the c-section and when I'll be able to see them for the first time. He said if I get to 34 weeks he would not be surprised if they went home by Memorial Day.
I called Elizabeth to say goodnight quickly because I was already late for the class I signed up for. The class wasn't bad and very informative. I came back called home to check in with Janis and then had a great NST. I'm now watching some basketball and waiting to hear from Josh before heading to bed.

Day 5 March 19th

Another late ultrasound today. Everything looked great though! I met earlier this morning with one of the doctors from the NICU who talked a little bit about what it would look like at 34 weeks for most premature babies. He ended up getting paged and needed to leave but said he'll be back to see me at some point. The NST took a little bit longer today. They were very active shifting around. We got 20 minutes of strip in about 40 minutes.
Time for lunch!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another great day!

Today was another great day of tests. I also had some company from my parents and grandfather this afternoon along with Josh and Elizabeth. I was hoping to take a walk around outside but when Josh and Elizabeth got here it began to sprinkle and rain. Maybe another day. I did some reading and worked on a cross stitch for one of the babies. Josh also brought in my scrapbook stuff so maybe I'll take some of that out tomorrow. Well I'm off to watch the rest of Lost and then headed to bed. Lets hope again for another good day of tests!

Day 4

A long morning of waiting around today. I had some manipulation on my back at about 8:30am. I didn't get to the ultrasound until about 11 and then an easy NST and was done shortly after noon. Everything checked out great! The babies switched sides again. I thought they had because last night they were moving around so much it was painful. So baby A is 2lbs 10oz and baby B is 2lbs 6oz. I'm now waiting for my parents to visit and then Josh and Elizabeth after work and daycare!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Great day!

What a great day for nonstress tests. Both babies were angels today! I was only on for about half an hour each time today! The past two days has been an hour and a half to two hours trying to find them and trace them.
I had two great visitors today to keep me company. I started a cross stitch for one of the girls today and began reading a book recommended to me by a nurse about twins.
I'm hoping to get outside tomorrow and enjoy the nice weather.

Day 3

So I was up at 6am. My doctor came in at about 6:30am to check in on me. I had my ultrasound at about 9:30 and then the NST after. It was very quick and easy this time. Of course the girls were marked on my belly and they were not hugging each other today which makes it easier to get both. Both girls stayed on without any adjusting and I was on for only 25 minutes. No contractions on the monitor this morning. So far a good morning!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Night 2

Josh and Elizabeth came for dinner this evening. We took a walk through the hospital and stopped at the gift shop. Elizabeth has wanted to go in there since we came for the visit here several weeks ago.
The last NST of the day was the best one yet. I had two nurses working to get the girls on the monitors. They were very busy but more manageable. I also had a contraction during the monitoring this evening which has been my first one with all the monitoring. Now it is off to sleep for some much needed rest. Lets hope for an easier day tomorrow!

2 Heads
Baby A taking a breath.

Baby A's hand on top of her head

(Baby B was not very photogenic today.)

Day 2

I just had another ultrasound and things looked great. I got a few more 3D pics of the girls! Before heading off to the ultrasound we fought with baby B to get on the monitor. I tried with the nurse for a little over an hour and got only about 5 good minutes.
My doctor came to visit me and said that we can do 6 hours instead of 8 during the day. This way I won't have interruptions during the night and can get better sleep. I'm hoping to not have NST's when Josh and Elizabeth come to visit or anyone else in the evenings. YEAH!!!

First Night

Well I didn't get my NST until 12:15 this morning and by the time that was done it was close to 1:30am. I was up at 6am and then a visit from one of the doctors at 6:30am. I talked with Josh and Elizabeth on their way to daycare and work. Now I'm waiting for another NST or ultrsound. The plan was ultrasound first then NST but who knows what will happen.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Day

Well we are finally admitted to the hospital. We had an ultrasound at 9am and got in my room by 9:45. The girls were not very cooperative during the Nonstress test at 10am. Elizabeth came at about 2 with Nannie and Grampy to see my new home for the next 6 weeks. My aunt Laurie and Tracy along with my cousin Jess came to visit because they were in the area today. All my visiters were gone by 5:30 so I ate dinner and had another NST at 6pm. Baby A was very cooperative and baby B was all over the place. I'm waiting for my next NST at 12am and then headed to bed. It has been a long day.