Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 12 March 26th Another good day!

I had a volunteer visit me this afternoon to take a survey about the staff here, food, and so on. She also gave me two bibs to cross stitch.

I wasn't able to finish my first cross stitch because I didn't have the matching color like I thought. It looks like I'll have Josh run into the craft store to find it at some point. I started my second cross stitch and got about a third of it done.

I also watched a video this afternoon about c-section. SCARY. The thought of getting something in my back to numb me from my chest down to my toes is a little bit scary. Anyone know how long the numbness lasts?

Josh was here about 3:45 today and I still had not had my NST. It sounded like a lot was happening on this floor at that time. Elizabeth and Janis came shortly after. My nurse also came in shortly after that with a nursing student to hook me up for the NST. It was a very easy NST. The babies must have know Nanny was here. If only they were all that easy.

After my NST we took a walk around and did go outside for a short time. We also walked Janis down to her car to move over things from Elizabeth's stay. We then went back to my room and got dinner. Josh and Elizabeth left shortly after 6pm to get Elizabeth ready for bed. It is going to be an early morning for her and a busy one for Josh. Good thing it is a Friday!

I talked with my good friend Marcy for a while and did some searching online.

My nurse checked in on me to find out how the babies were doing today. My night nurse has so far been my favorite since being here. She seems to have a way with these girls and has had good luck keeping them on the monitor. I'm now waiting for my last NST of the day. It should be between 9:30 and 10:00. Then I can sleep!

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  1. hi, it was good to talk with you too. I think that we will see you Sunday, I'll call when we leave. love and miss you xx