Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 5 March 19th continued

After watching some basketball and doing a little bit of reading I had some visitors. My in-laws and Josh's Papa stopped in to see me. On the way out of the unit we poked into the resource room here at the hospital. The women was very nice and told me about a class being offered this evening about making your own baby foods. I signed up and then continued to walk them down the hallway.
On my way back to the room I stopped and talked to my nurse. They are all really nice around here.
I talked with Josh on the phone, ate dinner, and then the NICU doctor came back to finish talking with me. He was very nice and very optomistic about how well they will do since I've had steroids and they have been doing so well on their tests. He went through what will happen in the c-section and when I'll be able to see them for the first time. He said if I get to 34 weeks he would not be surprised if they went home by Memorial Day.
I called Elizabeth to say goodnight quickly because I was already late for the class I signed up for. The class wasn't bad and very informative. I came back called home to check in with Janis and then had a great NST. I'm now watching some basketball and waiting to hear from Josh before heading to bed.

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