Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 7 March 21st Morning Scare

Ok so we knew things were not always going to be easy and we experienced this, this morning. I was up at 6am for vitals and doctor visit then at 7:30 I was brought down for my daily ultrasound. In ultrasound the babies were not as active as they typically have been but I didn't think about it to much because it was earlier and I had not had breakfast yet. Well the babies decided to switch sides again which I figured they might have done from all the movement last night. Baby A had a heart rate of only 90 and did not go up so the tec. called down to the nurses to get me on the monitor. I walked down to my room and was attacked by everyone. They quickly got me set up on the monitor, put an IV in, stripped me down and put a jonny on. One of the doctors came in with the ultrasound machine to keep tabs on the girls. They were both fairly low heart rates by then. They got another bed and transported me upstairs to the labor and delivery floor.
Oh and with all of this happening I asked if someone could please call my husband. He was here very quickly because he was told over the phone that I was having the babies today. Not the case yet.
My doctor and the doctor in the unit were all working to get the babies hooked back up to the monitors once I was brought upstairs. I was on the monitors for about 3 hours. I had another bioprofile of the babies and was given the ok to eat lunch. So know I'm waiting for lunch and more monitoring soon.

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