Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 13th Baby B causing trouble

My NST today at 10am was very good to start. Baby B decided to move around and sit on her cord. She had a heart rate of 100-120. They had me roll on my side to see if she would change her position. She did end up moving off her cord and went back to 145. They called down to ultrasound because I didn't have my morning ultrasound yet. I went right down to ultrasound and everything looked great. They both were doing practice breathing without any assistance today.


  1. That little bugger!! Just wants to keep you all on your toes! But so glad all is well!! You're in our thoughts & prayers all the time!! Love you all, TT

  2. he,he...she's a real feisty one I think her name should be Marcy.:-)