Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 7 March 21st Better afternoon

So after some morning drama things have calmed down. I had a pretty good NST at 4 and even had a former midwife as my RN in the labor and delivery floor. What a small world! Anyway I did some walking around with Josh and then Elizabeth came with Nanny and Grampy. They left around 6 for some dinner before going to the Pirates game. I also sent Josh to the game because I figured he is only down the street if anything should happen at my next NST at 8. I've had dinner and now I'm waiting for my next NST. Wish me luck!


  1. we certainly are wishing you luck & more!!! Have a quieter day tomorrow!!! XXOO TT & BA

  2. Hi Susan,
    What a day! So I'm a little worried now. You usually write before you go to bed. I hope your evening NST went well. Write again soon and give an update if you can. I'm holding my breath for you and those baby girls.....
    Love, Katie

  3. Hope all went well last night. Hold on a little longer, little ones!!