Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 10 March 24th 10 weeks ago today

10 weeks ago today we found out we were having twins and how risky and dangerous this type of twin pregnancy was. We were told the chances or survival was about 50% for both babies. Tomorrow we will be 29 weeks and we are very positive that things will turn out the way they are suppose to! When we first found out about the twins I was just hoping to get to 24 weeks and then when we got there 30 weeks has been my goal. That is a week away tomorrow and then 4 weeks longer would be even better.

The hospital stay has not been that bad. Most of the nurses are very nice and helpful. The food is getting boring though. It is the same menu from day to day with some daily specials. Tonight they had a therapy dog here. Josh and I saw him before he left to go home to do my laundry. I think Elizabeth would have loved the therapy dog.

Elizabeth called a short time ago and I said good night to her. It sounds like she is having fun with Nanny and Grampy. She also saw her cousin Noah today. Tomorrow she is spending time with her Uncle Travis. It doesn't sound like she is missing home. I guess that is a good thing.

My last NST at 4 went well. We got 20 minutes of a strip in 30 minutes. Of course I had two nurses on me holding the pads. They had moved around slightly but we eventually got two babies. My next NST is at 10 tonight and I'm hoping to sleep until 6am tomorrow morning that is unless I wake up around 4am and want to have an NST.


  1. So glad things are going well!! I am sure Elizabeth misses you, but I am sure she is loving allllll the attention in Ellsworth!! ;) She is a very special little girl; you are very lucky. I am sure she will love her time with Uncle Travis tomorrow...he is soooooo good with his nephews and her!!

    Get some rest tonight and good luck with the testing tomorrow.


  2. Thanks! She is a great little girl and we are very lucky. I will get some rest tonight. Yeah!!!

  3. You are doing a great job being patient. It has to be tough.

    Are you in Maine Med? You need to get Mom to cook for you!!

  4. Yes we are at Maine Med. They have a very good NICU and it is where the best specialist are for monos. We even lucked out because it is a new birthing facility and all the rooms are private.