Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 12 March 26th Ultrasound/NST

The doctor was in and checked on me. He was happy with the NST's from last night and the 5am one. I took a little nap then talked with Josh on his way to work.

I was working on my cross stitch when my ultrasound tec. popped in and asked if I was ready. She was at least an hour early because there was not an amnio this morning. Both babies looked great. Baby A was having a difficult time practice breathing though. They gave her a little shock noise to get her to do it. They also decided to change places again. Baby A was on the left head down and Baby B was on the right side and breech. My specialist Dr came in during my ultrasound and asked for a look at the cords. Oh boy are they a tangled mess. It is amazing they have done so well. I'm very thankful that their heart rates and bloodflow through the cords have looked good at every ultrasound especially with all those knots.

Elizabeth will be here this afternoon! We are going to take a walk and enjoy the nice weather outside!

My next NST is at 3:30 today.

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