Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 13 March 27th Time for bed!

I had a great afternoon. I had a visit from a former co-worker. Thanks for the yummy Haven's Candy Joy! I also talked to my mom for a while this afternoon.

I had my NST early at 2pm because of the NST at 10am was not a full 20 minute strip and the heart rates were low. They both stayed on easily at 2pm.

Josh and Elizabeth came over and we took a walk outside to enjoy the Spring air. We also ate dinner together and then they went over to the track meet. They'll be back tomorrow afternoon!

I talked with my specialist earlier and she thinks the heart rate drop earlier may have been a delay in mine because they were so close. At the 2pm NST one of the babies heart rate was 145-210. I thought over 200 was very high but she was very happy with it and said she would be concerned if the babies were not active and it was 210 for several minutes.

My other doctor stopped in around 7:45pm to check in on me. I told her I went for a walk outside and she said I should go for a walk tomorrow because it is going to be a nicer day. We also talked about the cords and she said we can take a picture of the cords after the babies are born.

I just finished my 8pm NST and the girls looked great! My next NST will be about 2ish. They have two patients on this floor on 24 hour monitoring so if there are problems I might be a little bit later.

Good Night!!!!


  1. WOW, sounds like a busy place. Glad all is going well. I bet it was nice to see your girl. Enjoy the weather

  2. Hi! Just checking in this morn before we leave for the Portland airport! We'll toot when we go by MMC!! LOL!! So glad all was well til your bedtime last night!! Enjoy the outside today!! going to be gorgeous!! Will check in from the ship : ))) Love you all!! TT & BA