Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 10 March 24th Change in my plan of care.

So after waiting for the doctor to come put the babies on the portable ultrasound the nurse told me that my specialist doctor said not to worry about it and has changed my monitoring a little bit. We are going to do every 6 hours while I'm awake so I won't be woken up in the morning for monitoring. If anything changes with my ultrasound or NST we will again change the monitoring of the babies. So it looks like my next NST is at 4pm today and then 10pm before I go to bed. If I wake up in them middle of the night around 4am I can call the nurse or wait until vitals at 6am. So it looks like I'm going to try to take a shower and get a nap in before Josh comes up this evening.


  1. Do you ever get any sleep? Those little girls are so busy. Wish I was closer. Get your rest and I am thinking of you each day. Love Aunt Liz

  2. It sounds like you are up around the clock!!! You must be exhausted!

  3. Hi! This is great that you won't be woken up in the night! hope it works out Ok for all...Enjoy Josh'e visit!! : )) XXOO TT