Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 11 March 25th 29 Weeks today!!!

We are officially 29 weeks today!!!!

Last night my 10pm NST gave my heart a jump start. Baby B had a major drop in her heart rate from 140 to 60. She did go back up to 140 in a short amount of time with no other dips so there were no concerns. I was up at 5 so I asked for another monitoring since it had been 7 hours. That NST was perfect the whole monitoring with both babies!

Now I'm waiting for the doctor to come. He is usually here about 6:30ish. Another ultrasound this morning and more NSTs today.

I'm also hoping to get my IV out today if not tomorrow!


  1. Good morning...Are you ready to be off this 'drama rollercoaster' yet? I don't know how you do it. I'm happy to hear that you reached week 29 and that both babies are having a good morning. Message to babies: "Hang in there for 5 more weeks, babies. And give your mom and dad a break, okay." :)

  2. The drama certainly is exhausting but it is the best thing for the babies. We are still very positive and optimistic that everything will work out.