Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 8 March 22nd Long Night

After two good NSTs last night my 4:30am took a little while to get the girls on. The nurse tried for 45 minutes but was only getting one heartbeat. She eventually called the resident to find them on the ultrasound. Of course the babies were moving all around. They were facing each other laying across my belly making it a challenge to monitor. We eventually got them on but I had two nurses holding on to get 20 minutes of strip.

My ultrasoud went well this morning. YEAH!!! They are both head down facing each other. In the ultrasound they were hugging. Very cute. By the end of it one of the babies had her legs wrapped around the other still hugging. How amazing!


  1. Great new!!

    Love you,
    Aunt Liz

  2. Hey Susan,
    I totally feel your pain about these NST. I had to have them too, with Kyla. Of course not nearly as much as you, but they can be quiet the pain when the baby/babies don't want to cooperate! I hope you are not getting too restless....I'll be praying for you and your girls ( all three of course)...and josh's sanity!!