Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 9 March 23rd Afternoon monitoring

So I saw my specialist doctor and she suggested I continue with 4 hour monitoring and use the portable ultrasound machine by a resident if we can't get the babies on at a reasonable time. She also suggestd that I get another dose of steroids. At first I was against two doses but both babies are not always doing their practice breathing and with the scare we had on Saturday I would rather be safe than sorry.

My 2pm monitoring was sooooo long. After 30 minutes or so of not getting baby B on they called the tec. to find the best place to get the heart. One of the babies was laying on top of the other which was making it difficult to monitor. After another 30 minutes of only getting about 5 minutes on a strip the nurse called my specialist to see what she wanted them to do. I had a nurse stradling me to get both babies with no luck. Baby A stayed on most of the time but was moving around. One of the doctors came in with the portable ultrasound and looked at the babies to make sure they looked okay. They both looked fine so he was okay with the NST.

I finally took a shower about 3ish and now getting ready to rest before Josh comes up for dinner. My next NST is at 6pm.

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