Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 14 March 28th A good Day!

I had my ultrasound at 9am and then NST this morning. They looked fine in ultrasound but were stubborn to do practice breathing. The NST was easy this morning and both babies did great.

My friend Donna was here as I was finishing up the NST. She brought a cute soft Easter bunny with some peanut butter cups. Yum. Thanks Donna! Elizabeth loved him and the Skittles.

I took a nap until lunch time and then showered. I had some therapy for my back and learned some new stretches. Lets hope they help.

Josh and Elizabeth came by around 3:30. I had an NST at 4:00 and then we took a walk around. We had dinner together and then they went to the Pirates game. Elizabeth seemed tired so I'm not sure they will be there that long tonight. They are planning on coming up for breakfast tomorrow and leaving around noon to get ready for the week.

My next NST is at 10pm and 4am. Lets hope for a better 4am NST so I can get back to sleep.

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