Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 14 March 28th Early Morning

Long 2am NST. They were both on the monitor and moving all over until one of the babies decided to move and then we couldn't locate her heart rate. My heart rate would show up and then we would pick up the other heart rate. By 3am the resident was called to bring the ultrasound. When she got there she could see why we were unable to get a good reading. That baby was in the middle of my belly and facing her sister. We tried several more times to get a rate but again it would get mine or the other babies heart rate. The resident checked several times and the heart rate was normal so she wasn't worried about the strip.

I went back to sleep and then was up at 6:45. I'm now waiting for ultrasound and have an NST at 9am. I'm hoping it will be a quick strip because Donna is visiting this morning. She tried last weekend but it was a crazy Saturday with the girls.

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  1. Hi Susan
    Steve and I have been following your days. Sounds long and exhausting with very little sleep but so happy that all is sounding well. Will keep following and wishing for the best. Can't wait to hear the names.
    Steve and Diana