Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 9 March 23rd Early Morning

Thanks for all the nice comments. It's nice to hear how many people are praying and thinking of all of us.

Last night was quiet not having Elizabeth here. I was playing a Find It game Marcy brought it for me to borrow and Josh graded some papers. We had dinner together after my NST and then watched the basketball games finish up before he headed for home to get some needed rest from this crazy weekend.

So far my 6pm, 10pm and 2am NST's have all looked good. I have had a few contractions but they say it is fine just as long as they are not coming very often. When I got up for the 2am NST the babies were changing sides again. They haven't figured it out that they need to stay on their own side of the bed. Last night they were laying across my belly and we were joking they were deciding who would get the top bunk. They are busy girls already!


  1. I've had a crazy weekend, but have stopped to check in, just not time to comment. Glad things are going well. I know you miss your baby girl!! Get as much rest as you can. Three girls is going to be one busy and pink house!!

  2. Just checking in to see how the last 24 have been.. looks pretty "good"! Your entries make me think they are busy now......Love ya lots, TT