Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1st - Discharge Goals

So we are back at he hospital this morning. Yesterday, Josh went and picked up Elizabeth during the afternoon so that she could come and visit for the first time since Sunday. She was all about being a bigger helper. She helped holding them and was helping to change diapers. We are glad we decided to bring her up yesterday because when we got home a NICU nurse called and said because of the Swine flu going around all children under 18 are not allowed to visit the NICU and the CCN (Continuing Care Nursery) until further notice. We have not told her this, but it kind of stinks because this is her birthday weekend and we have lots of visitors coming to her birthday party and then coming to the hospital to see the twins for the first time. We know it is a saftey procaution, but it just bad timing.

Anyways, both girls are doing great. Yesterday we got a checklist of things that both girls need to do before they can come home. (We also understand that one of them may accompish these things before the other and they may not come home together. We'll see so far they have been doing the same things....must be a twin thing!)

Here are the Dicharge Goals:
-Maintain temperature in open cribs
-Steady weight gain
-All feedings by breast or bottle for 2 days in a row
-Hepatitis B vaccine
-Hearing screen
-Follow up with the Pediatrician
-Car seat test
These are things that we need to do:
-CPR video/practice
-A class/session on Back to Sleep education

And then we get our official Parents of Twins license. (Just kidding.)
And then we go home! So it's not about them gaining a certain weight before they can go home. It's about accompishing and maintaining these goals.


  1. How exciting!! Do they keep a report card on you & the girls? LOL!! Is there a guestimet(?) time for all this to happen? I know the girls are in charge of most, but....What a bummer w/ this flu crap!! Just not fair!! But don't adults carry the germ just as well?!! Have a great wekend!! XXOO TT

  2. Hope Elizabeth has a great birthday. That is way too bad about her not being able to go and see them. I do get it as well, but that is really hard when you are trying to get a child used to not one but two siblings. Not the time to make her feel excluded. Good luck with that!!

    Sounds like they aren't too into those expensive sitters and like you guys better and they are determined to blow out of there. Hope they continue to do well, and can come home together.

    Try not to overdue this weekend.

  3. Hi Everyone! So glad that all went well. Everyone at St. James has been praying hard for a safe and healthy delivery. Prayers answered! Marc and I have a 7 month old grandson now and the feeling of having a baby in the family is awesome. Double for you guys !!! Take care. Helen Fournier

  4. Happy birthday Elizabeth!

    The Fournier's