Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend/We're learning

Ok so we had a major outing yesterday and we are certainly learning as we go. It has been four years since we had one baby so having two babies and a four year old is a lot of work. We got out of the house later than we wanted but made it with plenty of time for our 11am appointment for pictures. Or so we thought

We first learned that we didn't remember everything for pictures when we pulled into the parking spot. We left Elizabeth's dress hanging up in our bedroom closet. OOPS. We ended up buying her another dress to take pictures in. We were then late to pictures because we ran from one end of the mall to the other to find a solid colored dress.

We were at Sears for almost two hours. The picture session went well. Emma and Hannah slept through it and Elizabeth loved getting her picture taken. While the pictures were being loaded we feed and changed the babies.

Today Nanny and Grampy came to visit. My Aunt Alice and my Mom also stopped in to see the girls.

Elizabeth went up to Ellsworth with Nanny and Grampy. She'll be back later this week.

Josh and I ventured out to Hannaford with Emma and Hannah. That was another learning experience for us with two in carseats. We thought we would pack the single stroller for one and then use the cart for the other. When we got to Hannaford we noticed that we were missing the tray to the stroller so we were unable to use the stroller and we each pushed a cart. Next time we will remember the tray to the stroller.


  1. OH, just when you think you have it figured out something will changeagain!! I am still forgetting things with Reese and the girls. And, well, late is my middle name. I know I'll be late to the shower, so I will apologize now!!

    You're doing great just to get out!

  2. I think you are amazing! I can't imagine me doing this!! Can't believe how fast the girls are gaining the lbs/ozs!! I was so excited to have big sister Elizabeth here Tues & trim her hair!! She is perfect.. so cute & funny!! Keep up the great job!! & will be anxious to hear how Josh's Tues went.....XXOO TT