Wednesday, May 6, 2009

May 6th Another day down!

Another great day at the hospital with the girls. Janis drove me up to the hospital before headed back home. She was able to hold both girls today before feedings.

Both girls did a good job nursing today. Emma was a little bit upset when she realized it wasn't as easy as taking a bottle and she needed to work to get anything. I guess that is part of the confusion when they are getting bottle, tube and breast feedings.

Josh came up to pick me up and visited for a short time before we had to leave to get Elizabeth from daycare.

Tomorrow will be my first day driving since I went into the hospital. My mom is bringing my grandfather up to the hospital to get a peek at the girls.


  1. Oh, he will just love, love, love them!! Glad you had another good day w/them.

    Will you remember how to drive??!?!!? Enjoy the day w/the girls tomorrow, and the night w/Elizabeth.

  2. Just love all these great reports!! That will be sooo exciting for your grandfather tomorrow!! Is Elizabeth allowed in again? ENJOY!!! XXOO TT

  3. Elizabeth still can't go in. She can go in the waiting area, but that would very difficult for her to understand why she can't go see her sisters. So we are just trying to keep her away from the hospital and her mind off of where Mommy goes during the day.