Friday, May 15, 2009

May 15th We've made it through two nights.

As you can all imagine we are a very busy family. The girls are eating about every three hours. Sometimes they have been snacking and not taking their whole feeding so then they wake up earlier ready to eat. Nursing has been going much easier now that they are home.

Elizabeth is enjoying being a big sister and helper. We need to reminder her to be very gentle with them. She has been helping to change their diapers and get wipes, throwing their diapers away, holding them, feeding them, and best of all just loving them.

We had the visiting nurse come today. She was very nice and helpful to us. She listened to their lungs and checked their heart rates. She also weighted them and they are exactly the same. Again I say it is a twin thing with the two of them. They both weighed 5lbs 4oz. The night before they left the hospital they were 5lbs and 5lbs 1oz.

Elizabeth had a doctor appointment for her four year check up. She is in the 55 percentile for her weight and height. She didn't cooperate very well for the hearing test and did a great job on the vision screening. She is now ready to go on Monday for her kidney specialist appointment and ultrasound. Lets hope it goes as well as today.

Elizabeth went to daycare after her doctor appointment today. She was excited to go and we were happy she wanted to go. She doesn't understand the rest time when the babies are sleeping she just wants to be four and play. Both Josh and I went to pick her up with the girls. The girls just went for the ride.


  1. Thanks for letting us all tune in to Josh and Susan Plus Three!! It is great to log on and see how you are all doing. We LOVED yesterday's pics. Give each other a squeeze from the Flanders Pond Family.

  2. I bet it is one busy household. Thanks for keeping us updated. I can't wait to meet them!

  3. So busy!!Such "bad" timing for Elizabeth's Dr's appt! I knew she was going to be the little "Mother Hen"!! Soo cute! Love reading the updates!! Can you imagine 8 ??!! Lots of Love, TT & BA