Friday, May 8, 2009

May 8th First bath given my Mommy!

The girls did well for feedings over the night. Their weights from last night Emma was 4lbs 12oz and Hannah was 4lbs 11oz.

I gave Emma her first bath before her 11:30am feeding. She loved the water and didn't make a sound. She breastfeed for several minutes before dozing off. She took most of her bottle and was fed the rest through her tube again. She took her whole bottle feeding at 2:30pm.

Hannah took her noon feeding without any problems and even breastfeed for several minutes. She was very alert and happy. Before her 3:00pm feeding I gave her a bath and she also loved being in the water and was very happy and alert. She was very sleepy breastfeeding so we attempted to bottle feed. She only took a small amount so the rest was tube fed.

The nurse put the girls side by side today before Hannah's feeding. They are so identical. We really are going to need to mark one of them to know who is who. The doctor even said how similar looking they were and suggested painting a toe nail.

After the girls morning feedings Josh's Aunt and Uncle stopped in to check out the girls.

We are hoping to have the girls home by the end of next week! Tomorrow we are bringing up their car seats so they can do the 90 minute car seat test.


  1. What great news! Sounds like they'll be coming home at the same time too! I'm sure they'll keep up the good work and gain a bit more before they come home! Have a great Mother's Day!


  2. WOW!! That will be go by quickly. You must all be getting excited.

    HMMMMMMMM what do they look like again:>)

  3. Wow!! They are doing so well!! I am so glad to hear how well things are progressing!! They are true miracles!! Congrats!!

    Happy Mother's Day Susan!! ;)