Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12 - Coming home tomorrow?!!?!!

So the girls have almost completed two days of feeding from a bottle. This has been their last goal they have been working on. From the looks of things they should be coming home tomorrow. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Emma and Hannah had their feeding tubes out when I got there this morning. Emma also had her 90 minute car seat test done today and passed. After her test they took off all her cords and wires so she is no longer connected to the monitors.

We did have a car seat glitch. I guess that's often a problem with preemies because the don't make car seats for them. One of the car seats straps didn't get tight enough so we can't use it until they grow into it. We have Noah's car seat which the straps get tight enough so we are going to use that for a little while.

When Josh and I left the hospital Hannah was doing her car seat test. We will call before going to bed to see how much they have grown during the day, how feedings went and how the car seat test went for Hannah.

We are all very excited for tomorrow!!!


  1. GOOD LUCK!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU ALL. UPDATE US WHEN YOU CAN!! Mom, you have done such a great job getting these girls here and keeping them healthy

  2. WOW!!! Janis had E-Mailed to say that the girls could be home tomorrow!! I can't believe the strides made since Saturday night!! SOOO exciting!! Enjoy & as always, will be thinking of you all!! XXOO TT

  3. Yeaaa!!!!
    Love you all,
    Aunt Julie and Uncle Rog

  4. So exciting!! I am so happy for all of you!! Congrats!! I am so glad things have worked out and progressed so well over the past 2 months!! He has definately been watching over all of you through all of it!! You have been truly blessed!

    Enjoy your first night at home as a family!! (I hope you got some rest...it might be a busy night!!) =)


  5. We are so excited for you!! Enjoy having your family all together!! I'm sure Elizabeth will be a big helper!
    Hopefully you will get some rest!!
    We will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers!
    The Roy's

  6. There's only one thing left to say: "Welcome Home Frost Family, Welcome Home...."

    Love to all,
    Nanny and Grampy