Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5th Could cry over spilled milk.

The girls were both feed three bottles over the night and did very well with sucking, swallowing and breathing. Today they both nursed at feeding time. They were also given feedings through their tubes.

I'm still not producing enough breast milk for all of their feedings. I was not very happy with the lactation consultant today. I thought they are suppose to be encouraging me but instead I felt like she was insulting me by having a breast reduction and lack of producing with Elizabeth. She asked me where I had my surgery done and who did it and if he said I would be able to produce and then she began venting about how those doctors should check back with their patients to see if they really did produce. I was a little bit taken back by all of it. She also gave me a handout about breastfeeding after a reduction and a website. I went on the website and there really was not a lot of positive feedback for women who have had a breast reductions and trying to breastfeed after.

The girls both passed their hearing tests and are a step closer to coming home. The doctor said they are only working on their feeding and have done great so far!

During Emma's last feeding today her nurse was pushing down on the tube and dumped half her feeding which just happened to be breast milk on the floor. I could have cried since that was at least two pumps worth of milk. She was very apologetic to me.

Josh came to visit the girls and pick me up after school today. He held Emma while I nursed Hannah and then while I pumped he held Hannah who was awake and very alert.

I'll try and post another update tomorrow night.


  1. Susan,
    You hang in there and don't let anyone get you down. You are doing an amazing job with everything. Plus the babies are doing well so life is good :)
    Let me know if you need rides to the hospital or anything else. You know me - very flexible schedule! Talk to you soon.

  2. Oh, don't get me started on lactation consultants!!!! I have never found them encouraging. I think you are amazing to nurse two babies. And, contrary to what the lactation consultant will tell you they will do just fine w/formula. Mauricio was never given breast milk and he is just fine!!

    Oh, how awful it was that she spilled your milk!! Sounds like a tough day. Sounds like they are really making great progress.

  3. Susan,
    Your breast reduction improved your general health and these girls will be happy to have a healthy Mommy who can carry them around without hurting her back. Do your best and that is all you can do. Our children thrive with big doses of love, that is what is most important...I see by your parenting that you and Josh already know that.
    I loved the pics of Emma and Hannah in the pink hats from the Great-A $ U Grindles.

    Maybe Flanders on Memorial Day!!???!!!
    Love you all...Julie